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Integrating Smart Technology In Custom Home Design

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Smart homes have been all the rage in recent years since the idea that many daily tasks as well as security measures can be automated put many homeowners at ease and they find these concepts to be compatible with the demands of modern life

While having a ‘smart home’ may seem like a page out of a sci-fi novel it is really just about upgrading convenience and efficiency especially as it relates to energy utilization.

If you are designing a luxurious custom home, then no design can be complete without smart technology integration which can transform your daily life. 

Integrating Smart Technology In Custom Home Design
Integrating Smart Technology In Custom Home Design

Pick And Choose Custom Home Design

Even with a large or substantial budget for your home build, you cannot possibly integrate or install every new smart home tech that is available. One way to choose is to lay out your priorities and then decide on devices and systems to invest in.

For most people, convenience and security are the main reasons they want to build or live in a smart home. 

To induce energy savings and energy conservation, smart thermostats that connect to mobile devices to send data can be very useful especially if they come with an automatic shutdown feature. It can be a real lifesaver if you use your house as a rental or Air BnB down the road or have family and friends regularly stay over.

Intelligent lighting is very useful both for when you are at home and when you’re out since it automates all the lights and you can choose from different colors and brightness levels and operate it remotely as well. 

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Optimizing Home Security

Home security is always a first priority, especially for homes where people live alone or with young children. Smart technology has a lot to offer in the realm of home security from alarm systems to cameras and much more.

Installing smart locks, a network of cameras, and having a system of alarms that informs you and security companies of impending or prevailing threats offers a greater peace of mind to the homeowner and ultimately also increases the value of the property

Smart home security allows you to always have an eye out on your pets, children, and other dependents living in the home. It is useful for surveillance on the staff if any live at the house or work there and it can even help you receive courier parcels remotely! If there is a gas leak or a fire risk you will be notified through the system and the same applies to trespassers or potential burglars. 

Smart Entertainment in Custom Home Design

A smart entertainment system makes having people over at the house a breeze with a multimedia system that covers all the rooms and allows for an easy transition from one room to the next.

Movies, songs, and even home videos can be played remotely or by voice command, and virtual reality video games can upgrade your gaming experience to the skies.

Not to mention a smart entertainment system allows for parental controls to be integrated and makes it easier for parents and guardians to monitor what their children are viewing on television and mobile devices which is an important feature in today’s world.

Centralized Control

A custom home builder will always advise on having centralized control or an automation hub as they are called where you can monitor and evaluate all the smart house’s functions.

The password or key to this centralized control should only be with the homeowner or a trusted family member. When the home is being built, smart devices and systems need to be installed with care. It can ruin the luxurious aesthetic of a house to have wires exposed or big boxes hanging from walls. Consult your contractor on how to discreetly install smart systems so they are not visible and therefore difficult to disable as is the case with security devices.

Custom Home Design Upgrades

Smart tech is rapidly evolving so never invest in a device or a company that does not seem to have a secure future ahead.

Invest in smart tech that can be upgraded, replaced, or repaired fairly easily so your smart home is always in keeping with the latest features and tools. Security devices and software in particular should always be upgraded to combat any threats that exist in the area. 

Upgrading also ensures that no smart device such as a camera suddenly stops working or saving data as that can be disastrous for your security needs. In many cases, video footage is vital evidence and should always be uploaded onto the cloud for easy access in the event that there is a security breach.

Building a smart home may seem like it applies to a certain upscale niche but such systems are fast becoming the need of every family and the need of modern daily life and few can do without them. Aspects of the smart home such as video surveillance are finding their way into smaller homes, rentals, and apartments. 

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Working Effectively From Home

A wide array of professionals now prefer to work from home and having a smart home can streamline many basic daily operations such as managing the lights, heating or cooling, and even energy usage monitoring, freeing up space for creative and productive work.

Having a powerful internet Wi-Fi network and a series of mobile devices all connected to each other can make communicating and producing work easier especially for creative professionals like videographers, game producers, and scriptwriters. 

Most professionals like that they can connect their speakers, earphones, smartphones, tablets, and computers all through Bluetooth and carry out tasks like research with voice commands wherever they are in the house probably with a mainframe that connects all the rooms.

Saving notes and data is also streamlined in a custom smart home so there doesn’t need to be visual or physical clutter in the form of paper or files taking up unnecessary space. 

Televisions have changed in smart homes, they are now rarely the focal point of any room and may be hidden behind automatic cabinets, they may appear as paintings that switch suddenly to your favorite TV show or they can be mirror screens that switch on with voice commands.

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