Custom Home Trends: Innovative Designs For Modern Living

Custom homes have always been more interesting than the average home since they represent a personal vision and a unique sense of style. The priorities and requirements of homeowners have changed with the modern world and custom homes have had to innovate and adapt to meet the myriad of lifestyle needs and wants.

Here are some innovative design ideas that are booming in the custom home niche that align with modern living as we know it. 

Custom Home Trends: Innovative Designs For Modern Living
Custom Home Trends: Innovative Designs For Modern Living

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Multi-Use Wide Open Spaces

Custom homes are leaning towards versatility so architects are designing a lot more wide open spaces that are essentially multi-use or versatile.

Changes in paint or other subtle transitions in the interior design indicate the purpose of a space has changed such as television room to work area and kitchen to dining area.

Having more of an open-plan layout does make a house appear much more spacious and expansive especially when paired with higher ceilings and large windows

The pace and scope of modern life have changed so a lot more people work from home or at least partially take their work home with them. Spaces now need to function on multiple levels so the modern man or woman can cook, finish up work assignments, and help the kids with homework all at the same time, navigating around the same space with ease.

In terms of home trends, there is less of a tendency to have large spaces with only a single purpose although that can sometimes create problems, for example, every house needs a guest room that offers complete privacy. 

Store Away

Storage and organization matter in all homes but especially in custom homes where homeowners have a lot more freedom to pick any design they want. When homeowners decide on a custom home design they want to build in maximum storage especially if they have a medium to large-sized family.

Furniture can be multi-use, storage can be tucked away in niches such as under the stairs, and handy little closets scattered around the house can be used for storing cleaning supplies, seasonal décor, and other belongings that are not used all the time. 

Going Non-Toxic

There is more awareness now amongst homeowners to use natural and non-toxic building materials and sustainable materials.

Water purification, solar power, and plenty of sunlight are all features of a healthy home, and custom homes now have plenty of skylights and better energy conservation systems to reduce carbon footprint and promote a clear and less cluttered mind. 

The use of Hygge-inspired materials like wicker and pure cotton blankets also creates a space that is cozy and less anxious. Homeowners are making more mindful decisions about how the chemicals and materials used in building and décor impact the health not just of the individual but also of the environment. 

Using All The Senses

Multi-sensory experiences in custom homes are now an integral part of most designs. The feel of plush carpeting against the soft flow of an indoor fish pond or fountain for example. The idea is to create better personal awareness and mindfulness that can help individuals in their work, relationships, and mental health. 

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The Dawn of Smart Tech

Smart technology makes lives easier and no custom home would be complete without it. Whether it is security protocols such as alarms, cameras, and surveillance technology or energy efficient systems that monitor electricity use or A.I powered health monitoring, smart tech is changing lives everywhere.

Custom homeowners can monitor all manner of activities on their phone or other mobile devices even when off on vacation and smart tech enables people to live more productive and stress-free lives. 

Biophilic Designs And Outdoor Spaces

A Biophilic design is about letting the outdoors in and letting nature form part of your interior and exterior decor and letting there be a crossing over of the two worlds.

An example would be foliage in an indoor library or outdoor sitting areas with furniture and ponds.

Biophilic designs to some extent are being implemented in office settings too, to reduce some of the mental strain and burnout employees face. 

Custom homes are being designed so it is easier to allow the outdoor spaces to open up into the main living areas such as sliding doors that lead to an outdoor patio and easy conversion of indoor rooms that way so the conversation between guests can lead to an outdoor sitting area from an indoor one without anyone even noticing. 

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Handmade And Original

For custom homes, it is all about being original and as authentic as possible regarding one’s design vision. In most custom homes, even the art and finer details will be one-off or original instead of resembling regular suburban houses. Custom homeowners prefer to hire local artists and artisans as mural painters, woodworkers, or even metal workers for a handmade and hand-crafted effect. 

Showcasing that artistry with custom home builders especially as it relates to the local culture can add value to a home especially if a certain type of design is being followed diligently. Handmade materials like furniture, tiles, and even chimneys all add to the aura of a beautiful modern custom home as something different and of greater value. 

Experimental Layouts

Modern living is not all about form and purpose anymore as an experimental style of layout design is making its way into architecture. Many homeowners simply want rooms offering an immersive experience with multiple uses overlapping and still making sense. This could be a large home theatre with a billiards section or a home food court with its own gaming room complete with the latest tech. It could also be a swimming pool and a hot pool with an outdoor theatre and sitting area. The idea is to use different rooms for a multitude of purposes; mainly entertainment without having to get too tied up in what each room is for. With more and more people working from home or preferring to homeschool their children, diverse spaces for work, study, and reflection will continue to feature strongly in custom homes.

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