Color Trends In Interior Design: What’s Hot In Paint For 2024

Wall paint is such an incredibly important decision when you are laying out your interior design plan or working with a professional to do so.

Walls are probably the largest empty spaces in your home and therefore attract a lot of attention. 

Luckily this also means there is endless potential to make them beautiful, artistic, and personalized with the use of paint.

If you are someone who wants to stray from the use of white, grey, beige, cream, and other neutrals then these exotic and exciting paint colors are for you.

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Color Trends In Interior Design: What'S Hot In Paint For 2024
Color Trends In Interior Design: What’s Hot In Paint For 2024

Dark Forest Color

Dark colors are definitely on-trend for 2024 and since eco-friendly measures and sustainability are forefront of everyone’s minds, dark forest green has become a particular favorite. This shade of green resembles the old trees deep in the woods, it is a gothic color and still incredibly calming.

Dark forest green is often paired with a lighter mint green usually with motifs or in wallpaper and the result is spectacular.

For bathrooms, it can be paired with pure white sanitary ware and gold fixtures, and in other rooms with dark-colored mahogany furniture.

People prefer dark forest green for their study room or home library and the style has taken off on bookstagram with green-painted libraries being very trendy amongst bibliophiles. 

Warm And Homely Color

Earthy colors are a kind of classic when it comes to paint and 2024 is no different. Earthy colors like brown, taupe and darker beiges are a beautiful statement to make in bedrooms and the living room and they make any space look cozy.

Darker chocolate shades of brown are more fashionable for 2024 as they add a mysterious allure to bedrooms but any of the earthy shades will give you a coveted Hygge look. 

Hygge is a Nordic concept of coziness that has been popularized by social media and which many homeowners try to implement in smaller homes and apartments to escape the stress of modern life.

Experiment with some paint colors on your wall to see which one matches best with the rest of your décor but a muted rust orange, muted green, dark cream, and light brown are beautiful options. 

Pink And Purple Color

For a long time, pink wall paint was only a choice for baby girls or teenage girls.

Since then, the sheer expanse of pink shades and the aesthetic looks that can be created with paint have evolved, and now pink is a color of choice for living rooms and any other space.

Pale pink mixed with brown and mauve is the combination to die for in 2024 and the result is a sophisticated amalgam of pleasing shades that promote happiness and wellness.

Pale baby pink paint is also seen with lavender as well as darker shades of purple for a beautifying effect as purple induces a more positive mood and better sleep.

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As Black As Night

The industrial vintage aesthetic has been making rounds for several years and black paint is a great choice for wall paint in 2024 as it really makes art pieces pop.

If you want your furniture, art, and other belongings to be the center stage as décor in your space, then matte black is a splendid choice as it regresses the background and brings other décor elements to the front. 

Black is moody, artistic, and quietly luxurious in its own way and a great way to make an apartment instantly more upscale without overspending.

Glossy black is chosen sometimes for ceilings but matte black is liked for kitchen walls especially since it ages well with the smoke and splashes of food being cooked. 

Switching Tones & Textures

For homes in 2024, it is rarely as simple as just painting a wall. Minimalism has been taking a downturn and now people want texture and brightness and a lot of visual variety to look at when they think of interior design.

Employing multiple textures on your walls and showcasing a subtle transition of color can make the place seem multi-dimensional and more stylish. 

Play with wallpaper and wall paint in unison, emphasizing certain textures and downplaying plain colors. The end result is contemporary luxury and sophistication especially if you opt for earthy neutrals as suggested by most house painters nowadays as a staple offering if the client does not have another color palette in mind. 

Cobalt Is The New Blue Color

Cobalt is a unique and high-end shade of blue, and its use in house paint or décor only goes back a couple of hundred years. It is a rich, invigorating color of blue that is perfect for all-over paint or for accent walls. As black regresses into the background, cobalt blue does the exact opposite and it drowns out other décor elements in the room. 

Opt for cobalt blue if you are willing to let it shine and be the focal point in your room. Microcement is a design technique that is used for rich colors like cobalt blue to paint rooms in which the color leaks all the way to the stairs, ceiling, and floor for an immersive experience

A Return To Burgundy

Burgundy was featured strongly in interior design in the Renaissance Era and in European design consistently over the centuries and now it is making a stylish comeback with burgundy wall paint.

Burgundy symbolizes old money and old architectural styles but it is now used in modern homes with paints of different textures in every room from the bathroom to the dining room.

In bathrooms and kitchens, the burgundy walls are often paired with red granite or similar stone counters and backsplashes. 

Burgundy paint is thought to go best with grey as well as with natural materials like wicker, jute, brass, and wood.

Copper and gold accents can make burgundy walls pop especially in living rooms and bathrooms.

Lighting fixtures should ideally be in a copper or gold color to give a distinctly vintage look to the room especially if the furniture also complements that style.

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