Choosing The Right Roof For Style And Durability

The roof of a home is a singularly important feature as it needs to satisfy various factors such as providing insulation and energy conservation, being durable in the prevailing climate, looking beautiful, and contributing to the exterior beauty of the building.

Here is how to choose the right roof for a home build or remodel that can provide both a great style and brilliant durability in the long run. 

Choosing The Right Roof For Style And Durability
Choosing The Right Roof For Style And Durability

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The Dynamics Of A Roof

When you are picking a type of roof you need to account for many different concerns as outlined below to help you make that decision. 

  • When you are building your home or remodeling the roof, be sure to check local laws and building codes regarding certain types of roofs. The building codes are made keeping in mind the weather and safety concerns so never ignore them so you can avoid legal trouble. 
  • Every roof build has a budget, it is advisable to choose roofing materials based on your budget as it can be a substantial cost on its own. Contractors advise twice-yearly roof inspections so damage can be spotted early as entire remodels usually cost a lot. 
  • Look at specific needs that relate to your area. Is the area prone to excessive rain or is it in a wildfire zone? Get a Class A fire rating to protect your home from a roof catching fire. Pay attention to the wind rating and how much weather resistance the roof can provide in bad weather. 
  • The number of years the roof can realistically last without intervention is a huge factor since it is directly related to cost. After building a home, most owners want the roof to last at least 20 years with minimal repairs and additional expenditure needed. Look into the purported durability of the roofing material you are using and see how compatible it is with the weather. 
  • Determine the slope of your roof (if any) since the effect and applicability vary with each material. Steeper slopes can use heavier materials like asphalt, metal, tile, or slate and small slopes are better with thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO, PVC, or thinner metal shingles. 
  • Last but not least, do not compromise on the aesthetics of the roof for durability or cost as builders and contractors can advise you on how to make your material of choice look amazing as part of the surrounding design. 

Popular Asphalt

Asphalt is one of the commonest and most popular roofing materials used, mostly due to its lower cost and good durability.

Asphalt comes primarily from petroleum and is used also for making and solidifying roads. It responds well to weather changes, expanding and contracting as it sees fit, and therefore lasts very well easily stretching well over 15 years.

Asphalt composition shingle roofs are immensely popular, they come with a long warranty from the manufacturer and they are one of the most competitively priced roof types you can install. They can also be installed fairly quickly when compared with more high-end roofs such as cedar roofs. 

Concrete Tile

Concrete tiles are made of sand and cement and can last more than 50 years due to their incredible durability and sturdiness. They can withstand any kind of weather and can be built to complement any style of home.

Concrete tile is the ideal choice to prevent fires and to combat extreme weather conditions. The only major disadvantage that any builder will warn you about is their substantial weight. Building a roof out of concrete may require additional pillars in the rest of the structure or reinforcement of the building as the roof will be very heavy. 

Cedar Roof

A roof made of wood makes a house seem like it is out of an olden fairytale although the style has had many contemporary uses and is used in luxury homes.

For a premium roof like this, the cost goes up substantially higher although there are some energy savings to expect as cedar can provide up to two times better insulation than asphalt or slate. For areas prone to dangerous weather conditions, cedar holds up very well if it is installed correctly. 

Rubber Roofing Shingles

While rubber may seem like a less than conventional choice it is one that is cost-effective and newer forms of shingles surface every few years on the market.

Rubber shake shingles for example are durable and a budget option which makes homeowners consider them strongly.

Rubber shingles are oftentimes designed to look like slate or cedar, providing a similar visual effect without the high price tag. 

Rubber is naturally resistant to mold and mildew, and the shingles are sturdy enough to withstand storms, snowfall, and so forth.

Rubber does have a slight smell which can become more apparent in heat, and some forms of rubber shingles may even cost a lot more than asphalt making them unfeasible. 

Metal Roofs

Metal is a brilliant durable option as any roofing contractor will tell you, even though metal shingles do cost more than slate or terracotta depending on the type of metal you are installing.

Aluminum, steel, and copper are typically used with copper being the most fashionable in contemporary modern homes due to its industrial strength and stunning color.

Metal roofs can last up to 70 years, do not require extensive maintenance, and do generally age well even in problematic climates. Metal shingles are a sustainable option as metal is recycled everywhere in the world and is rarely discarded as single use. 

Plastic Polymer

Although the name may not suggest it, plastic polymer roofing lasts several decades and is supremely durable and resilient to the elements and is made from polymers that were recycled, contributing to less plastic ending up in the ocean.

The polymer shingles come in different colors and styles, do not fade easily, and are a wonderful sustainable option if you are building an eco-friendly home .

Plastic polymer shingles are often a good choice along with clay roofs that also provide a natural-looking aesthetic.

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