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Building a luxurious house (minimalist) can also be presented with the use of several elements on the exterior and interior. Well, to make this happen, here are some details that you can do and pay attention to.

The decision to build a minimalist house is not always taken because of limited land and budget. However, sometimes people like simple, comfortable, and always support one’s mobile activities while occupying it.

This is what ultimately makes this type of minimalist home very popular in many houses, or modern buildings. In addition, in terms of aesthetics, the design of this house is considered very ideal for the needs of modern society as it is now.

In its application, the house with this simple design, in the end, is often adapted to the needs and tastes of home voters. Including realizing the desire to build a luxurious minimalist house Vastu.

Well, to realize these needs, basically there are several things that need to be considered, including the facilities needed. For more details, here are some things that you can use in realizing the concept of a minimalist home with a luxurious appearance

Minimalist Luxury House

    Utilize Wooden Ornaments

    The wood material is not only needed for the interior of the house when used as part of the exterior. Coupled with a unique design will make the impression of a minimalist house looks luxurious and unique.

    Generally, this concept is combined with a square design, typical of the concept of a minimalist house in general with several large open windows. This concept also gives a cool impression, with the use of natural ornaments so that it looks ” back to nature “.

    However, the use of wood for this need should be done with various considerations. Considering that wood is easily damaged due to weather factors. Some people use Artificial Conwood or processed products that have a wood-like texture as an alternative to using wood that has better durability against the weather.

    Minimalist Industrial Style

    To bring up this Minimalist Industrial Style theme, without leaving the impression of a luxurious minimalist home, various building materials can be used. Among them are iron, concrete, or bricks that are built without finishing.

    This series of use of raw materials when combined with a unique home design will make the exterior of the house look more aesthetic. The combination of large windows, making the outside view looks more like a house from the future.

    This style is often found in many houses in European society, especially countries with strong industrial fields. Like Germany, England, and so on. The use of the right materials also makes the house stand strong for a very long time.

    Space without Boundaries

    Not only constrained by space problems, but the concept of a minimalist house is also often built on a large area. And to realize this theme, you can build several rooms without using an insulating wall.

    This method will give the feel of a spacious and spacious room. Although in practice, the partition function can be raised in several ways. Among them by placing a set of furniture in a certain room next to another set. 

    This method will give an invisible line, as a marker of the function of space in each room in the house. This process also provides many advantages, one of which is lighting and mobility factors in the house that are effective and efficient.

    White Base Color

    As if it has given a psychological impression, the white color that is the basis of a product or building (house) will give an extraordinary impression. Or in general, people will agree if the look looks more luxurious than other basic colors.

    Simple, but still elegant. This is usually shown from the use of white in luxury minimalist house buildings with any concept. Whether it’s modern, Mediterranean, vintage, and so on. This color seems to give its own nuance to anyone who sees it.

    The combination of gold on the window sills and the combination of lighting (lights) will emphasize the color silhouette with a luxurious impression. This will be more optimal with the presence of green open space by the surrounding grass.

    Futuristic Design

    Not always square, the concept of a minimalist house can also be built by hitting a pattern that is often raised. One of them by taking a futuristic theme that often appears in most science fiction films.

    Overall, the appearance of a house with this concept will make anyone think that the theme is very luxurious. Given the design used is not used in many homes, even with the same theme, namely modern minimalism.

    The combination of asymmetrical lines or squares that appear with a slanted pattern with a certain angle are some of the steps that are often used to meet this need. Besides the use of large glass windows, as well as the concept of a minimalist home in general.

    Swimming Pool and Open Space

    The easiest way to build the impression of a minimalist home but looks luxurious is the swimming pool facility. These facilities are usually built next to a house building, or take advantage of open space.

    The concept of a simple square swimming pool is usually raised in this residential concept. The following open space relaxing facilities next to the swimming pool will build a comfortable environment in a house.

    Using a wooden floor, with several sofas in the room will give an elegant impression, in addition to the spacious feel that is trying to be built. The combination of all these elements will make the house not only visible but also comfortable to live in every day.

    Luxury Minimalist Home Interior Concept

    After paying attention to the exterior, the need to build a simple residence with a luxurious concept can also be presented in the interior. This method also applies to buildings with a limited area.

    The first way is to use glass ornaments. This method makes the room in the house look spacious, combined with other ornaments, glass can increase the aesthetic needs of the interior so that it looks extraordinary.

    The second way is to use white. Like the exterior, this method not only makes it look always clean, but also luxurious. The same concept can also be done in choosing furniture products. 

    The third way is to use creativity in building the required design. Avoid piling too many ornaments or furniture. Therefore, use only what is needed and what is needed.

    Not always expensive, objects with neutral shapes and colors sometimes make the house look special. Including the use of used chandeliers that have been re-finished, this method can be done to save budget expenses, when compared to having to buy new ones.

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