Paint and Personality: How To Choose Colors That Reflect You | Commercial painting services

A great question to ask oneself when one is decorating or remodeling their house is what your favorite color is. It is a common enough question that children often ask amongst themselves but color and especially paint color can change how you feel when you’re at home.

Most people want to feel at ease when they’re at home, happy and relaxed and there is no denying that the color of one’s walls is a huge component in this. Here is how to choose paint colors that reflect your personality, tastes, and moods and work them to your advantage in your home remodel or décor.

Commercial Painting Services
Paint and Personality: How To Choose Colors That Reflect You | Commercial painting services

A Clean Slate To Bounce Ideas

Many people especially high achievers or people with high-functioning mindsets need a calm almost bare environment to relax and unwind in.

People like that prefer to use beige and more neutral colors like grey, white, pale brown, and so forth since it calms down the chaos in their minds and allows them to feel at home.

A neutral palette is also a great choice for people who have very busy lives and do not want clutter on their walls or in their homes to come back to.

Logical people who like organization and planning can benefit from the clean canvas that is provided by neutral colors including seashell or off-white. If their walls are painted in more neutral colors they can hang up boards and other organizing tools to help them plan out their next big project.


Monochrome Paint
Paint and Personality: How To Choose Colors That Reflect You | Commercial painting services

There has been a trend in recent years for black paint or grey and black tones since they add a minimalistic vibe and also an uber-luxurious masculine vibe to a space.

Monochrome paint has been used extensively to emulate a homely yet industrial and utilitarian style which has been immensely popular for at least the last decade.

Monochrome-colored paint is a deliberate style statement for any space as it allows the furniture or art pieces to come forward and be more prominent in the eyes of the viewer.

Cool Shades, Pastels, Pale Colors

Pale or cool shades like duck egg blue or pastel colors are usually a wonderful choice for happy-go-lucky people and also for children’s rooms. These colors clear and refresh the mind and allow more space for creativity and tranquility.

People who suffer from anxiety or depression can benefit from having their walls painted in serene, calming colors that resemble the flowing ocean or even candy. 

Pastels are a good choice for wall paint since they are subtly festive without being too bright or stimulating which can worsen anxiety.

For rooms where you would prefer to read books or do work, pastel or cool shades can help with tiredness and demotivation.

This color range is especially good for people who work from home and can feel pulled down with colors that are too bright or even ones that are too dark. 

The Color Of Idealism

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Yellow is the quintessential color of idealism, brightness, happiness, optimism, and new possibilities.

For people with a more bohemian mindset or people who like to pave their own way in life, yellow as a wall paint color can be very inspiring and rejuvenating.

Many new design movements especially those that cater to treating common mood disorders and depression with the use of color in the home gravitate towards using yellow for these reasons.

Yellow is fresh and goes with blue and brown in furniture and design accents. Yellow is even surfacing in commercial painting projects such as in schools and workplaces where people need to stay for long hours and can be prone to depression, dissatisfaction, or boredom


Orange is another idealistic color closely associated with freedom, an unconventional attitude, and a playful nature that likes to explore and feel emotions deeply.

People who are more active and energetic or are interested in sports also love orange and it can have an energizing effect if used as a wall paint color in your home.

For the above mentioned reasons, orange features strongly in sports marketing and in advertisements for products that are associated with a healthy, active lifestyle.

Not to mention orange is brilliant for statement walls and a pop of color in the main living area

Purple For Healing 

Purple is a wonderfully healing color and as a wall color, it can make you feel calm and collected as well as willing to branch out to reach your potential.

Purple is used for spaces associated with sound mental health and is more than just a feminine choice for a wall paint color.

Purple works well for imaginative people that need a rich, vibrant color as their environmental background and it is a color that helps people with insomnia and creative blocks as well. 

Bold And Red

Red is one of the less conventional wall paint colors although burgundy and maroon have been popular choices in turn-of-the-century European interior design. The choice of red is a loud one that indicates clarity of vision, a great passion for life or the arts, tremendous energy and tenacity, and a love for bright, bold colors. 

Red can be used on statement walls or all over and it is not for the faint of heart as the result is usually very overwhelming and bold. Depending on the shade of red, walls can look stunning especially if they are paired with red and black accents in the rest of the décor.

People who are go-getters, ambitious, and determined would love red as a paint color for their homes.

Go Green

Green is one of the most stunning paint colors since it aligns closely with a love for nature and foliage which is always a relaxing and refreshing choice for any home.

Nature lovers can choose green and it is also the color for those that are adventurous and who challenge themselves and remain true to their own nature.

Pet lovers will also love green as a paint color and darker more olive tones of green have been very fashionable for many years, especially for places like home libraries.


The choice of paint color for your home is more than just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a reflection of your personality, mood, and lifestyle. Whether you lean towards calming neutrals, bold monochromes, soothing pastels, or vibrant hues, each color has the power to influence the ambiance of your space. By understanding the psychological effects of different colors and considering how they resonate with your preferences, you can curate a living environment that promotes relaxation, creativity, and overall well-being. So when embarking on your next decorating or remodeling project, take the time to explore various paint options and choose colors that truly speak to you, or take the help of a commercial painting expert, making your home a place where you feel happy, comfortable, and at peace.

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