Tailor-Made Living: Designing A Home That’s Uniquely Yours

Custom homes are by definition passion projects and are undertaken by homeowners who want to stray from the norm and create a house that is unique and unusual and a representation of their tastes and likes.

Tailor-making your own home and ensuring it has all the features that make your heart sing is no easy task and working with a professional architect, designer, and contractor is a must before embarking on this journey. Here is how to design a home that is uniquely and wonderfully yours. 

Tailor-Made Living: Designing A Home That'S Uniquely Yours
Tailor-Made Living: Designing A Home That’s Uniquely Yours

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A Hands-On Approach

One of the pros of building your own custom home is that you need to be involved in every detail whether it is architectural, interior design or even deciding on the color of the wall paint.

A custom home is all about your own design vision or inspiration you have taken from houses you like. Find a designer and contractor that are willing to work with you to realize your vision along with offering expert advice on practical matters of building. 

Unless a homeowner belongs to the architectural or contracting profession, they will undoubtedly make miscalculations when they are deciding on a layout or design type. A team of local professionals that can be available for consultations often is therefore needed to point you in the right direction.

Local building laws and codes should also be considered as should building concerns that arise because of the climate of the area. 

The Dilemma Of Too Much Choice

Custom homes come with the built-in (pun intended) issue of too much choice. When you are designing and building a home based entirely on your own tastes and inspirations, you have too much choice especially if you are building a luxury home with a substantial budget.

On one hand, you may be pulled into the direction of trends and fads that may fall out of favor in a decade and on the other, you want your dream house to look exactly the way you always envisioned. 

Space, the completion time, and the budget restraints all matter since a homeowner may want granite countertops or marble flooring with Carrara marble for example but the import costs, taxes, and carbon footprint of transportation may make the job next to impossible. It is vital to be versatile and flexible. 

Start with a mood board and save pictures of houses you like and do research about the neighborhood you are building a home in.

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If you are enamored with chic farmhouses or sleek townhouses or modern structures, you may want to choose someone who has done custom home projects like this before. 

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Style Only Goes So Far

A major mistake many homeowners make with their custom homes is that they invest heavily and even solely in the style and design but forget about the inherent practicality of the space that is needed.

A custom home should be built according to a person’s lifestyle and passions and should make allowance for how they see their life in ten or twenty years. If someone doesn’t like swimming or is building their home in a very cold area, then it would be strange to follow a design pattern and still build a swimming pool outdoors. The design needs to have both form and function in order to bring lasting happiness to the homeowner

Budget is a concern some homeowners underestimate. It is vital to know that the budget you set off with is never going to be the cost of completion of the project at hand. There are always going to be unforeseen costs, inflation, taxes, and rises in wages and salaries of workers. 

Import duties can always change and inevitable mistakes made during the build will also mount up the cost. How the budget has come together also matters for any homeowner’s long-term financial health. If a homeowner has sourced the majority of their budget from external financing such as loans, they could end up in trouble with their mortgage later on and the same applies if someone has staked their life savings on the project. 

Be Inspired

Design a home with plenty of inspiration so that contractors know what you are going for. Look online, on social media platforms like Instagram, architectural and design magazines, forums, and apps for images that best describe what you want your dream home to include. Choosing priorities is just as important as finalizing an approximate budget. If you love to read, a garden library and a super sophisticated vintage indoor library may be on the priority list more than a billiards room or home theatre. Personalization is the backbone of building a custom home. 

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Critical Path Analysis

When you finish with the design layout of your dream home you need to have every inch of space marked out on paper along with 3D renderings. A critical path analysis can systematically lay out the building process for you with dates, budget, crucial steps, and hiring of professionals at each stage. Building a custom home requires greater attention to be paid to each individual step as there are simply more features to bear in mind than conventional builds which are not particularly unique or imaginative. 

Master The Selections

As a homeowner of a custom home, you need to select each material from the type of bricks and roofing materials to the tiles and faucets in the bathroom. No detail is too small when you are building the home of your dreams! Do not be afraid of employing different colors and textures in both the exterior and interior design of your home. Curbside appeal matters just as much as the luxurious and stylish interior of a great house. A tailor-made house needs to be super functional, beautiful, and ideally built in a style that will echo down the ages as timeless.

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