Transforming Spaces With Creative Curtains And Blinds

Windows and subsequently curtains and blinds take up a significant surface area in our homes and they need to look both gorgeous and functional along with contributing to the overarching design scheme.

Having the perfect creative curtains or blinds is a delicate dance between functionality and beauty and moving forward with both hands in hand.

Here is how you can transform your space with creative curtains and blinds and enhance the beauty of your windows.

Transforming Spaces With Creative Curtains And Blinds

Climate Specific

Undoubtedly the first factor in choosing curtains or blinds is whether they satisfy the weather-specific needs of the area where the home is built.

Certain types of curtains are better suited for cold weather and certain fabrics can help combat warmer, more tropical weather.

Blinds may be the ideal choice for formal commercial settings or office settings but they work well for homes in predominately warm climates.

The weather and climate of the area are simply the first factor in picking curtains or blinds and a great deal depends upon your design vision.

Elongate With Floor To Ceiling Curtains

A brilliant designer’s trick to make the ceiling of any room appear higher and more substantial is to opt for floor to ceiling curtains. It is definitely a design that can be implemented at home with a basic hardware kit as the ceiling rod simply needs to be positioned closer to the ceiling and the curtains need to be the right length to reach all the way to the floor. 

Most people opt for a neutral color palette for curtains this large but they can be in any color or texture you want.

In more expensive homes the floor to ceiling curtains may comprise of the large majority of a bedroom and may be opened and closed automatically or via remote control.

A great hack for upscaling a regular home is to simply position your curtain rod higher. Depending on the weather choose sheer curtain varieties or thicker ones.

Going Geometric

Geometric shapes have been a major component in many interior design concepts in recent years from tiles to furniture to geometric patterns on curtains and blinds.

Pick brightly patterned geometric fabric for curtains or blinds to add visual interest instantaneously to any room that needs a cheering up.

Other patterns like floral motifs or vintage patterns can also have the same effect of livening up any room and making it seem exciting. When you are going for brighter and bolder colors and patterns for curtains, try to align the rest of the interior design with it as best as you can so the curtains blend in seamlessly. 

Super Luxurious

Certain fabrics like velvet, satin, silk, damask, voile, lace, and so forth are luxury choices and are picked solely due to their value and quality.

If you have the budget and have large windows or several in your home, choosing a high quality coveted fabric can make all the difference to the vibe and ambiance especially if the fabric has other design additions like tassels or embroidery.

If you do not want to emulate a luxurious style and simply want comfort and coziness then cotton or linen are cost-effective and beautiful, especially for smaller spaces or apartments. 

Layer With Delicate Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a gorgeous choice for warmer areas as they look beautiful flowing in the wind and they can be layered to look even more stunning.

Layered curtains can be versatile as the thicker curtains can be used for when the weather turns cold or at night and the sheer curtains offer the streaming sunlight in all its glory during the day. 

Sheer curtains are good for offering some partition between different areas of the house if there is more of an open plan interior layout.

Tier curtains which are partial curtains usually of sheer material are used for kitchens and dining rooms where complete coverage is not required.

Outdoor In

Rustic decor for everything from homes to weddings has been remarkably trendy for the last several years and curtains and blinds are no different.

Many people use outdoor curtains inside for a worn, rustic, homely look and it works wonders if the rest of the décor matches with that outdoorsy vibe. Certain custom window treatments can make a window frame look more well-used and worn so it matches with a rustic interior design concept among other things. 

Using natural materials is a brilliant way to recreate a homestead vibe such as using bamboo or wicker blinds in the home. Natural materials are also environmentally friendly and sustainable practices should be part of every modern home and that extends to décor and remodeling as well. 

Go Custom

Customized curtains are rarer than store bought varieties but they have a lot to recommend them since this is a unique way to show your preferences, interests, and hobbies.

You can have a custom print made at a curtain shop by first designing or having someone design a pattern and concept of your choice.

Adding special touches like lace or tassels to a plain store bought curtain can also lend them a unique look if you are good with a sewing machine. 

Color To Your Advantage

The ambiance given by curtains or blinds is in no small way determined by their color.

Choose colors that reflect your personality or make you feel a certain way. Colors are incredibly powerful in influencing mood and each color stands for a different emotion and mindset.

Blue can induce calmness, red is a powerful and tenacious color, and yellow means happiness and contentment.

Learn more about your personality type and what makes you tick by taking standardized personality tests and try to incorporate relevant colors in your home’s décor and curtains are no exception. 


Curtains help in keeping a space insulated and for protecting privacy but they can be wonderful décor instruments as well adding color and life into a space and maybe even some sparkle and brightness. Create the ambiance you want in every room by paying attention to the perfect color, texture, and type of curtain that would fit best.

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