The Future of Home Design: Trends To Watch In Remodeling

Remodeling a home is a mammoth project that most people may only undertake every decade or maybe even only once in twenty years. Therefore, homeowners like to ensure they are choosing methods and materials that are going to be relevant many years from now so their home continues to look updated and in good shape.

Here are some trends to look out for in home remodeling that point toward the vast possibilities of the future. 

The Future Of Home Design: Trends To Watch In Remodeling
The Future of Home Design: Trends To Watch In Remodeling

An Outdoor Wonderland 

There is more of a love for the outdoors expressing itself in interior design and home remodeling this year and for the years ahead.

More and more homeowners are using outdoor materials for making interior design changes and the effect is rustic, outdoorsy, and one of returning to basics and natural materials.

One remodeling hack that designers love implementing is creating walking windows or sliding doors between main living areas and patios or even bedrooms and terraces so the outdoors seems to be coming in and there is little partition between the two. 

Letting the outdoors in by creating a series of seamless spaces all over the house keeps us connected to nature and foliage, allows for more sunlight and oxygen to enter our homes, and keeps depression at bay.

For people who love early morning yoga or exercise with one’s own body weight, these seamless transitioning spaces will work very well. 

Natural Materials In Remodeling

Natural materials are taking the world of home remodeling by storm. Whether it is thatched roofs, pergolas, or natural brick and wood additions, natural materials are more sustainable and seem to have a great appeal with home remodelers now. A connection with nature is also positively correlated with better mental health so maximizing the flow of sunlight, having large windows, and more indoor greenery all contribute to less anxiety and burnout from work. 

Biophilic design is becoming increasingly popular so indoor foliage and plants are a must as is cultivating horticultural gardens and rooftop organic vegetable gardens as part of your home remodeling.

Most people get their lawns landscaped when they are remodeling and adding design touches like ponds, fountains or outdoor sitting areas can make the exterior of your home stunning and functional. 

Smart Tech In Remodeling

Modern homes are changing to include a lot of technology whether it is for small tasks such as automating the lighting or for security concerns.

Smart tech is an unavoidable part of our lives and therefore it is included in the future of home remodeling.

Most homeowners want CCTV cameras and other security measures to make sure there are no break-ins and other threats during their absence or when they are asleep.

Many homeowners that have young children or pets may feel the need to take greater security measures for their homes especially if they have a high crime rate in the area. 

Convenience is another great advantage of incorporating smart tech into the home. Apps and detectors can let you know if you left a certain appliance on and you can keep track of various tasks from your phone or other mobile device when you are out.

Energy efficiency is a major benefit of having smart devices built into your home remodel because they can monitor how energy is being consumed and if any is being wasted. Smart thermostats can automate a shutdown if a certain temperature is reached so your energy bills will be lower over the long run. 

Sustainability Comes First

Home remodels nowadays are very much about reusing, recycling, and upcycling pre-loved and old materials. Most sensible homeowners want to reuse old materials instead of letting more building materials end up in landfills which can poison the environment and fertile land. ‘Sustainable Chic’ is practically a design movement that is taking off in which it is fashionable to pick out used materials with personality and restore them for interior or exterior décor. These materials can be for building such as planks to make a deck or gardening cabin and many people purchase old, worn-out furniture for restoring and using in the house. 

Shopping for locally sourced furniture and other materials is a great starting point when undergoing a house remodel. Locally sourced means it is more sustainable and there is less of a carbon footprint from having transported it from another location. Hiring artisans locally contributes to the local economy and puts less strain on people so they do not engage in activities such as deforestation or excessive farming which can ultimately damage the environment. 

Vintage treasures like old armchairs and brass lamps usually just need hardware upgrades and a little polish or paint and they can adorn any home with a great deal of beauty. Purchasing new mass-produced décor items damages the environment and does not look unique or personalized. Shopping from sustainable brands makes a difference as well in large projects like a home remodel as many companies will sell wood, roofing materials, tiles, and anything else made from reclaimed or recycled materials

The Use of Blue In Remodeling

The different shades of blue are on-trend for this year so expect to see roofs, furniture, carpeting, and even fencing and windows adorned with the wonder of blue. Coastal rustic chic is a style that is gaining momentum and blue features prominently in this style as it is a cool, calming, and delightful color that promotes rejuvenation and rest which is needed with the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

People are using teal, aquamarine, and light blue for wall paint and windows to give a slightly oceanic feel even if they do not live near a beach! 

With all the psychological research prompting the use of blue for its profound effects on mood, it will appear more in furniture and décor pieces and in wall art. Blue pairs well with grey and even neutral tones and also with earthy warmer colors for a lovely contrast. Painting a statement feature wall in blue can inject your home with a serene vibe as can pairing it with other blue tones for a seamless transition on the walls of your home.

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