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[Download] Surveying Previous Years Exam Paper PDF | Surveying Exam Paper

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Surveying Previous Years Exam Paper

What is the secret behind getting good marks (Score higher in the exam) by doing last time studying / revision? And How a topper score extraordinary in any exam?

Are you study hard but not getting better marks even has a problem of failure?

There are a lot of ways and here in the civil experience blog, we provide a solution to one of them which is the evergreen solution to crack any exam.

Trust me not only topper but the average student also follow this trick the pass any exam which is to study previous year's exam paper (Last exam paper). We already provide papers for reading with Download links so must read similar articles for other papers and share them with friends so they also pass in the exam.

In this article, you will get Surveying Exam Paper PDF and possible solutions download gtu paper solution easily with Civil Experience best civil engineering blog so download GTU previous year's Question Papers of Surveying (Past Exam Papers)

Surveying GTU Exam Paper 2017

GTU paper download (Gujarat Technological University) BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or BTech (Bachelor of Technology) winter examination 2016 previous year exam for 2nd year (3rd Semester) Papers (Surveying) Previous Question Paper

[Download] Surveying Previous Years Exam Paper PDF | Surveying Exam Paper | Surveying GTU Exam Paper 2017

If you don't remember the subject code then the Surveying subject code is 2130601 Papers. We created this article to help you to find the right paper download with the help of

  • I am sure that you have gone to other sites on the internet along with the official GTU site, i.e., but you must be confused with your Download GTU Exam Papers of Surveying WINTER EXAM 2016 2130601.

I am defiantly sure that you can download GTU B.E. 2130601 paper Surveying past years exam papers you got only from Surveying gtu paper.

Here, On you don't need to remember your GTU B.E. 2130601 Previous Question Paper of Surveying GTU Exam Papers 2130601 subject code.

We always keep on updating our article with the Previous Year Question Paper , with Answer/solution links & Information. So, please click on button for save website and please do share this link with your friends group to help them or Join us

Along with your download GTU B.E. 2130601 Surveying GTU Exam Papers PDF download (previous years Question Papers) 2017, you can also download other past exam papers of GTU at

Surveying (2130601) Papers Subject Info

Subject Name Surveying
Subject Code 2130601
Subject Credits 5
Year 2nd Years (3rd Semester) Subject
Exam Date 02 January 2017

Surveying GTU Exam Paper Read Online

I am sure that you have gone to other sites on the internet along with the official GTU site, i.e., but you must be confused with your Download GTU Exam Papers of Surveying winter exam.

Exam Questions for Surveying Marks
Q.1 Short Questions
1 Inaccessible points may be located by the

(a) Radiation (b) Intersection (c) Traversing (d) Resection

2 The U-fork and plumb bob are required for
(a) Centering (b) Orientation (c) Levelling (d) Bisecting
3 The lower plate of theodolite is fixed to
(a) Inner spindle (b) Outer spindle (c) Levelling head (d) Shifting head
4 If f1 be the focal length of the objective and f2 that of the eye-piece,
then magnifying power is given by
(a) f1 x f2 (b) f1 / f2 (c) f2 / f1 (d) f1 – f2
5 Approximate bisection in a theodolite is done by the
(a) Focussing screw (b) Tangent screw (c) Clamp screw (d) Foot screw
6 Balancing of Traverse is done according to the
(a) Bowditch’s rule (b) Transit rule (c) Third rule (d) All above
7 The difference between face left and face right observations of a
theodolite is 4′. The error is
(a) 4′ (b) 4” (c) 2′ (d) 0′
8 Overturning of vehicles on a curve can be avoided by using a
(a) Compound curve (b) Reverse curve (c) Vertical curve (d) Transition curve
9 The radius of a 1° curve is
(a) 1719 m (b) 1917 m (c) 1918 m (d) 1819 m
10 Combined correction for curvature and refraction in linear
measurement is given by
(a) 0.0785 D2 (b) 0.0112 D2 (c) 0.06735 D2 (d) None of above
11 The area of zero circle is equal to
(a) C (b) M (c) M x C (d) M / C
12 For the determination of the area of a figure bounded by straight lines,
the figure is generally converted into a network of
(a) squares (b) rectangles (c) triangles (d) polygons
13 Where the depth of water is too much, the machine used is known as
(a) fathometer (b) lead line (c) sounding poles (d) sextant
14 The accessory used in setting out works is
(a) boning rod (b) traveller (c) batter board (d) all of the above
Q2 a Explain three instruments of plane table survey with a sketch 03
b What is orientation? Discuss the different methods of the orientation of a plane table 04
c What is a closing error in a closed traverse? How will you find out its magnitude and direction?


List the Fundamental lines of a theodolite and explain briefly the desired relationship between these lines.

Q3 a Define the following:
(a) Shore signals
(b) Range
(c) Lead Line
b Differentiate between the trapezoidal rule and Simpson’s rule. 04
c Discuss the steps involved in setting out the positions of piers of a bridge. 07


Q3 a Give Classification of theodolites 03
b Compare/distinguish between trigonometric levelling and direct levelling. 04
c Explain the procedure of setting out of the building foundation. 07
Q4 a What is meant by balancing a traverse? State the various rules used to do this. 03
b Derive the formula for height h and distance D in trigonometric levelling when two instruments are set at different levels. 04
c Explain the procedure for setting out a simple circular curve with a tape and a theodolite (Rankine’s method) 07


Q4 a Define transition curve, compound curve and reverse curve. 03
b Define Sounding and purpose for which soundings are required. 04
c A single-level section has a formation width of 7.5 m. and side slopes 2:1. The depth of cutting at the centre at every 30 m. intervals is 1.8, 2.175, 2.55, 2.925, and 3 m. Find the volume of earthwork in the length of 120 by Trapezoidal formula and Prismoidal formula 07
Q5 a List the various methods of calculating the area of a closed traverse? Explain any one. 03
b Define Hydrographic surveying. What are the various operations conducted in hydrographic surveying? 04
c Two tangents intersect at a chainage of 1400m the deflection angle being 24°. Calculate the following quantities for setting out a curve of radius 275m.
(1) Tangent Length
(2) Length of Long Chord
(3) Length of Curve
(4) Chainage of point of commencement and tangency
(5) Apex distance


Q5 a Describe types of vertical curves with sketches. 03
b What are the elements of a simple circular curve? Explain with a neat sketch. 04
c The latitude and departures of the lines of a closed traverse are given below. Calculate the area of traverse by the Co-ordinates method and Meridian distance method.

[Download] Surveying Previous Years Exam Paper PDF | Surveying Exam Paper | Surveying GTU Exam Paper 2017

Download Surveying Subject Paper PDF

Download and join us for more civil engineering study materials and others like PDF, reports, PPT, etc.

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