Download GTU BE Exam Papers of SURVEYING WINTER 2020 | Surveying GTU Exam Papers 2130601 PDF 2021 | 2130601 GTU Paper PDF Download

In this Civil Experience article, you can Download GTU Exam Papers of SURVEYING WINTER 2020 2130601 Exam Paper PDF Download March 2021 Download GTU Question Papers (Past Exam Papers).

Download GTU (Gujarat Technological University) BE/BTech (Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology) WINTER 2020 2nd year (3rd Semester) 2130601 Papers New Surveying Previous Question Paper

    Download GTU Exam Papers of SURVEYING WINTER 2020

    Download Gtu Exam Papers Of Surveying Winter 2020 | Surveying Gtu Exam Papers 2130601 Pdf 2021 | 2130601 Gtu Paper Pdf Download

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    Surveying (2130601 Papers) Subject Info

    Subject Name Surveying
    Subject Code 2130601
    Subject Credits 5
    Year 2nd year (3rd Semester) Subject
    Exam Date 10 March 2021

    Surveying (2130601 Papers) Exam Paper



    Subject Code: 2130601

    Subject Name: Surveying

    Date: 10/03/2021

    Instructions for Surveying 2nd year (3rd Semester) GTU exam:

    1. Attempt any FOUR questions out of EIGHT questions
    2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
    3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

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    Exam Questions for Surveying Marks
    Q1 a Assess the difference experienced by you while levelling with theodolite instead of dumpy level. 03
    b Why orientation of plane table is required? Discuss back sight method of orientation. 04
    c What is the use of Gale’s traverse table? Calculate the length and bearing of line EA if Length and bearing of other lines are as below AB-204m,87°30′, BC-226m,20°20′, CD-187m,280°, DE-192m,210°3′ 07
    Q2 a Justify the statement “Provision of transition curve before and after the circular curve is a must”. 03
    b Describe the procedure of levelling work when two stations are not visible to each other. 04
    c Compare the radial and intersection methods of plane tabling with their merits and demerits. 07
    Q3 a Compose the merits and demerits of the plane table survey. 03
    b Determine the RL of top of the hill if 3m flag is put on that hill and angle measured with two sittings of theodolite in the same plane but different levels with the top of the flag are 28° and 18° and staff reading on TBM for both are 2.870 and 3.750 respectively. TBM= 100.0 m. The distance between two theodolites is 100.0 m. 04
    c Differentiate temporary and permanent adjustment of theodolite and explain the field procedure for temporary adjustment of the theodolite. 07
    Q4 a Which types of errors are removed by taking readings of face left and face right as well as window A and window B while using a theodolite. 03
    b Schematically explain the use of U-fork and alidade 04
    c List out the methods of measurement of horizontal angle by theodolite and discuss with tabulated data the repetition method. 07
    Q5 a State the significance of the Zero circle formed by Planimeter. 03
    b Calculate the area of the figure for IR=9.268, FR=4.582, C=23.43 and M=100 sq cm by planimeter with anchor point inside the figure. The zero marks on the dial passed the fixed index once in the anticlockwise direction. 04
    c Enumerate different methods used for calculation of area and compare trapezoidal rule with Simpson’s rule. 07
    Q6 a How the capacity of reservoir is determined? 03
    b Schematically describe the method of setting out foundation trenches of a building. 04
    c Describe the method of computation of volume of given cross section by prismoidal and trapezoidal formula. 07
    Q7 a Define (i) Sub chord (ii) Long chord (iii) Normal chord. 03
    b Derive the equation for degree of curve based on (i) Arc definition (ii) Chord definition 04
    c What is setting out of circular curve? Derive the equation for setting out circular curve by Rankine method of setting out of curve. 07
    Q8 a Explain the method of locating soundings by method of two angles from the shore. 03
    b Briefly describe (i)Echo sounding (ii) offset from long chord method for setting out of curve. 04
    c What is trigonometric levelling? Derive the equation for distance and RL of object when object is not accessible and instrument axis is at different level and in different plane. 07

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