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Download Gujarat Technological University GTU BE/BTech exam paper (Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology) SUMMER 2015 4th semester (2nd-year gtu paper download) 2140601 Papers New Advanced Surveying Previous Question Paper.

Advanced Surveying GTU Paper

    Download GTU Exam Papers of Advanced Surveying

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    Advanced Surveying (2140601) Exam Papers Subject Info

    Subject Name Advanced Surveying
    Advanced Surveying Subject Code 2140601
    Subject Credits 5
    Year 2nd year Subject
    Download Gtu Exam Papers Of Advanced Surveying | Advanced Surveying Gtu Exam Papers | 2140601 Exam Paper Pdf Gtu

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    Advanced Surveying (2140601 Papers) Exam Paper



    Subject Code: 2140601

    Subject Name: Advanced Surveying

    Date: 30/12/2015

    Instructions for Advanced Surveying 2nd year GTU exam paper:

    1. Attempt all questions.
    2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
    3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.

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    Exam Questions for Advanced Surveying Marks
    Q1 a What is tacheometric surveying? Derive the expressions for horizontal and vertical distance in the fixed hair method when the line of sight is inclined but the staff is held vertically and the measured angle is that of depression. 07
    b A tacheometer was set up at station A and the following readings were obtained on a staff vertically held.

    Advanced Surveying Gtu Exam Papers | 2140601 Exam Paper Pdf Gtu

    Calculate the horizontal distance AB and R.L. of B., when the constants of instruments are 100 and 0.10.

    Q2 a What is the object of geodetic surveying? Discuss criteria for the selection of suitable figures or systems. 07
    b In a triangulation survey, the altitudes of two proposed stations A & B 85 km apart, are respectively 132 and 212m. The intervening obstruction is situated at C, 60km from and has an elevation of 142m. Ascertain if A and B are intervisible and if necessary find by how much B should be raised so that the line of sight must nowhere be less than 3m above the surface of the ground. The earth’s mean radius may be taken as 3000km and the coefficient of refraction as 0.07.
    Two triangulation stations P & Q are 100km apart and have elevations 335 m and 355 m respectively. The intervening ground may be assumed to have a uniform elevation of 300m. Find the minimum height of signal required at Q so that line of sight may not pass near the ground 4 meters.
    Q3 a Discuss the laws of accidental errors 07
    b Find the most probable values of the angles A, B, and C of the triangle ABC from the following observation equations,
    A = 72°30’49”,
    B = 64°12’21”,
    C = 75°24’06”


    Q3 a Explain the method of correlates. What are its advantages over the normal equation method? 07
    b The observed values of an angle are given below:

    Avvxsegz3Cyx3Bptiwpagkfw8B5Mykwiesh Dlvjygqqlxetpuz2C7Qzornyjepsgmhhje5Qtiv04Wfruq5Ykp9Cuxshreu3Icd0Hxbuyjvkq4Bcr0Dusuo9Tblfr8U2Xpt3Rvngskgxotxzzjcch52Ddwq Piele33 Civil Experience

    Find :
    (i) Probable error of single observation value of unit weight.
    (ii) Probable error of weighted arithmetic mean.
    (iii) Probable error of single observation of weight 3.

    Q4 a Explain the following terms:
    1) Departure
    2) Shortest distance
    3) Nautical mile
    4) Mean Solar Time
    5) Apparent Solar Time
    6) Sidereal time
    7) Horizon
    b Write short note on 1) Relief Displacement, 2) Aerial Camera 07


    Q4 a What is the total station? Explain the various features of a total station 07
    b Explain the various applications of GIS and Remote sensing in civil engineering with suitable examples. 07
    Q5 a Write short note on Geospatial analysis 07
    b Determine the number of photographs required for the selected scale of 1 cm = 100m. The size of the photograph is 25cm X 25 cm. for the following two areas.
    (i) 20000 km2
    (ii) 100 km X 100 km.
    Assume 60% longitudinal overlap and 30% lateral overlap of an area in photographs.


    Q5 a Prove that the altitude of the Pole (star) is equal to the latitude of the observer. 07
    b What are the different types of EDM instruments? Give a brief description of anyone in detail. 07

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    FAQ 1: What is Advanced Surveying Subject Code?

    2140601 is Advanced Surveying Subject Code.

    FAQ 2: How much is the Advanced Surveying Subject Credit?


    FAQ 3: In which college year and semester do we learn Advance Surveying subjects?

    2nd year Subject in 4th semester

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