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Building Materials Quick Revision Notes – Civil Experience

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Building Materials Quick Revision Notes which help you to cover the syllabus at the last time/before the exam so download Notes or Bookmark Our Civil Experience Blog for future reference

Building Materials Quick Revision Notes

Topics covered in the notes is mention below
  1. Rocks & Stones (Also Read: Type of Stone)
    1. Classificaion
  2. Clay Products (Bricks)
    1. Classification
    2. Composition of good Brick Earth
    3. Manufacture of bricks
    4. Testing of bricks
    5. Type of Bricks
  3. Lime
    1. Types of lime
    2. Different definition
    3. Classification of lime
    4. Application of lime
  4. Mortar
  5. Wood & Wood Product
    1. Defect if Timber
    2. Seasoning of timber
  6. Paint
    1. Ingredients of Paints
  7. Varnishes
Building Materials Quick Revision Notes

You Can Read This Building Materials Quick Revision Notes here 
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