[Book PDF] Basic Civil Engineering Free Download

Basic civil engineering book is the foundation to build strong ability in students for lean civil engineering from Basic Civil Engineering book pdf

Basic Civil Engineering Book

Basic Civil Engineering book is one of the best books on the civil engineering subject list all semester.

You can read all chapters of the Basic Civil Engineering Book in great concept. This civil engineering book was a great concept for civil engineering students. The study of civil engineering from this book was included in the best chapters, useful concepts in a great manner, and How to make building their construction and design.

[Pdf] Basic Civil Engineering Free Download | Basic Civil Engineering
Basic Civil Engineering Book

Basic Civil Engineering Book PDF was written in easy words and made easy for students of civil engineering college. This best civil engineering book was designed for the construction of buildings. Download this book from the civil experience site and start reading.

Basic Civil Engineering Features

  • This book was written with a good systematic concept and study of building constructions.
  • A good easy understanding concept for civil engineering students.
  • This book is written in easy words in a great way which makes it easy for civil engineering students.
  • The coverages of this book include Materials for construction, basic surveying, and other goods like geotechnical engineering.
  • The study of this book attracted people together in one field.

Table of Contents for Book Index

Part I: Materials for Construction

Chapter 1: Stones

Chapter 2: Sand

Chapter 3: Lime

Chapter 4: Cement

Chapter 5: Bricks

Chapter 6: Tiles

Chapter 7: Timber

Chapter 8: Steel

Chapter 9: Aluminium

Chapter 10: Paints and Varnishes

Chapter 11: Miscellaneous Building Materials

Part II: Building Construction

Chapter 12: Component Parts of a Building

Chapter 13: Foundation

Chapter 14: Mortar

Chapter 15: Masonry Works

Chapter 16: Concrete

Chapter 17: Doors and Windows

Chapter 18: Roof

Chapter 19: Floors

Chapter 20: Staircase

Chapter 21: Plastering

Chapter 22: Painting

Chapter 23: Damp Proofing

Chapter 24: Building Services

Chapter 25: Building Maintenance

Part III: Basic Surveying

Chapter 26: Chain Surveying and Modernization in Land Surveying

Chapter 27: Levelling

Part IV: Other Major Topics in Civil Engineering

Chapter 28: Environmental Engineering

Chapter 29: Geotechnical Engineering

Chapter 30: Transport, Traffic, and Urban Engineering

Chapter 31: Irrigation and Water Supply Engineering

Chapter 32: Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

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Basic Civil Engineering PDF Free Download

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