Components of Staircase | Different Type of Stair Stringer

The body of a human being is made by the combination of many organs same as staircase construction involved many components so Effective staircase ideas is not possible without proper guidelines. I am sure you agree with me?

    Members of Staircase | Staircase Parts

    Staircase stringer is a spinal cord of staircase means structural member which is provided on either side or in centre of staircase flight in which risers and treads are fixed

    A combination of beam slab is economical from the aesthetic viewpoint, one beam without slab is provided with a hanging step i.e. cantilever on both sides of the beam

    General Introduction of Stair Stringer

    The stringer is the structural member of staircase parts

    In the RCC stairs, steps are constructed over a stair slab which width equal to the length of steps

    In Non-RCC stairs such as wood, steel, or other composite materials are used in the stringer

    In recent modern homes or offices, metal stairs material is widely used due to their high load-carrying capacity and attractive look

    Components of Staircase

    • Some important key element of staircase parts before staircase design
    Components of Staircase
    Components of Staircase
    Domiriat, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

    Staircase Riser

    • A riser is a vertical member/surface of the staircase, which keep vertical distance between one step and the next step
    • A riser is created slightly inclined so that is closer to the base for the person climbing the stairs

    Staircase Tread

    • A tread is a horizontal portion that provides support for a foot place on it

    Center Beam

    • Center beam is provided at the centre of the staircase


    • Landing is a flat area near a step-down or up a ladder


    • It a combination of riser and tread 

    Staircase Nosing

    • Staircase Nosing knows as stair ending which is an overhang where riser and tread meets
    • To enhance the durability and visibility also as per requirement

    Glass Staircase railing

    • Staircase railing is an attractive visual effect to create spaces to make staircase light flow feel more significant; glass staircase railing adds a great look and more value to the home and office

    Staircase Flight

    • The portion of the staircase between two landings or the full length of the staircase which contain steps if no landing provided

    Different Type of Stair Stringer

    #1 Single Stair Stringer

    • Single Stair Stringer knew as a mono beam stair stringer
    • Metal Sheet is used at the centre of the staircase to support all member of the staircase
    • All force and reaction transferred via shear

    #2 Double Stair Stringer

    • In Double stair stringer, we have two bases that run from top to bottom
    • The stringers are 6″ apart and usually located in the middle of the stairs, solid hardwood is used for the steps
    • Consider a one-way slab on the short side to the edge beam and the edge beam transfer to direct the reaction force to the landing beam

    #3 Routed Stair Stringer or Housed Stair Stringer

    • It consists of notches that include treads, risers, and wedges that can be inserted also known as box stringers
    • It contains notches that include treads, risers, and wedges that can be inserted also known as box stringers
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