What is stone pavement? with Advantages & Disadvantages

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Stone Pavement fulfil the structural as well as aesthetic needs so in now day use of stone increase as a paver or pavement increase some time also use in wall cladding

What is The Stone Pavement?

The pavement is constructed using natural stone on the uppermost surface of the road, street, walkway etc Stone block or stone paver pavement consists of a series of rectangular or square stone or irregular blocks laid over a firm concrete base or on the soil layer

Because of the hardness of the stones like granite, basalt etc the pavement is highly wear-resistant and can take very high traffic. For this purpose, this specification is often used for paving the roads in the harbour, railway yards, warehouse, transport godowns etc

Advantages of the Stone Pavement

The advantages of specifications of stone pavement are listed below in detail:

Strength and durability

  • In view of the hard stones at the road surface, the pavement can withstand very heavy traffic. Iron tyred traffic can be catered to very efficiently
  • Load caring capacity of stone pavement is extremely high compared to brick pavement, concrete block pavement, bitumen concrete mix paver block pavement
  • The life of the pavement is exceptionally long so replacement probability is very low
  • No water logging due to high capacity to drainage because in grips only sand filling required not used impermeable material like mortar


  • Since the manual method of laying is involved, it’s suitable for the labour surplus economy. The dressing of stones also involved manual labour
  • The pavement requires practically no maintenance


  • Stones are natural products not manmade so that there are always variations on colour as well as in size which increases the beauty of pavement
  • stone remains their colour as a long time with some wear also so asthmatic views remain for loge time


  • Easy Installation, no need of mortals so easy to install just laid stone and after fill gaps with sand and done
  • Installation cost is very low as compare to other types of pavement like concrete pavement, brick pavement

Disadvantages of the stone pavement

Stone pavement has a  few disadvantages of the specifications are:
  • Some stones tend to become slippery due to wear
  • Unless properly constructed and maintained, the stone block pavement can be unsanitary.  Dirt and filth can enter the open joints and cause the stench
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