UPRVUNL AE Civil Paper with Solution | AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution

AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution

In this civil experience article, we are going to share UPRVUNL AE Civil Paper with Solution | AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution with you. Hard work can change anything and don’t forget to read another article also for best Preparation of AE Civil Paper with Solution (AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution)

Which of the following is a natural defect in timber?

ANSWER= [B] Druxiness

In a wide rectangular channel, if the normal depth is increased by 20 percent, then the increased discharge is:

ANSWER= [C] 33.5 percent

In a specific energy diagram, for a given discharge and flow condition, two depths are possible, which are also known as

ANSWER= [A] alternate depths

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In order to avoid a correction for the effect of capillarity in manometers used for measuring pressure, the diameter of the tube should be:

ANSWER= [B] greater than or equal to 6 mm

What is a special rod in which the horizontal piece can be moved along a graduated vertical staff and can be clamped at any height?

ANSWER= [D] Traveller

Calculate the proportion variation if the expected time to complete the project is 20 days and the standard deviation is 4 days

ANSWER= [B] 0.2

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The logarithmic distribution of velocity is possible in the:.

ANSWER= [D] Turbulent flow

If in a traverse, both latitude and departure are positive, then it lies in:


In electromagnetic spectrum, the range of far-infrared is:

ANSWER= [A] 10 μm – 1 mm

In the moment distribution method, the sum of distribution factors of all the members meeting at any joint is always:


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