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AE & JE Exams Practice Set Papers Solution | Assistant Engineer Civil Questions and Answers

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AE & JE Exams Practice Set Papers Solution

In this civil experience article, we are going to share UPRVUNL AE Civil Paper with Solution | AE & JE Exams Practice Set Papers Solution | Assistant Engineer Civil Questions and Answers with you. Hard work can change anything and don't forget to read another article also for best Preparation of AE Civil Paper with Solution (AE Civil Exam Paper with Solution)

Find the FOS for a beam of ‘H' cross section, given the value of load factor is 3.


Borrow pits are usually located in the:

ANSWER= [B] central half width of the section of the canal

The coefficient of restitution usually varies from:

ANSWER= [A] 0 to 1

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The best results in composting process are achieved in the which stage

ANSWER= [D] thermophilic

A stone is thrown vertically upward, and it reaches the ground after 5 seconds. Find the maximum height attained by the stone

ANSWER= [A] 30.6 m

If exit speed is 100 km/h and coefficient of friction ‘f’ is 0.10, the radius of an exit taxiway is

ANSWER= [B] 800 m

Applanation is the ________


What is the Applanation?

ANSWER= [A] absence of spherical aberration

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Q.31 The stress factor of safety of concrete according to the working stress method is:


As per the IS 456 (2000), the span to depth ratio for a continuous beam is:

ANSWER= [C] 26

In traverse surveying, deflection angles are always:

ANSWER= [C] equal to the difference of 180° and the interior included angle

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