AE/JE Civil Previous Year Question Paper With Solution

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Civil Engineering Previous Year Question Paper With Solution

    The spatial resolution of Landsat is:

    ANSWER= [D] 30 m

    The solid content and density of sludge are 6% and 1100 kg/m3, respectively. Then the approximate concentration of solids in the sludge is:

    ANSWER= [C] 66000 mg/l


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    The friction experienced by a body at rest is known as:

    ANSWER= [A] Static friction

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    Estimate the number of sleepers required for sleeper density (n+5) for constructing a broad gauge railway track having a length of 780 m with a rail length of 13 m.

    ANSWER= [C] 1080

    The maximum velocity in a free surface flow generally occurs:

    ANSWER= [C] at 0.05 to 0.25 m of the total depth

    Theis equation in ground water is valid for:

    ANSWER= [B] Confined aquifer under steady state

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    Calculate the Rankine load for a column if the Euler load and the crushing load for the column are 1 kN each.

    ANSWER= [D] 0.5 kN

    A canal fall is usually provided when:

    ANSWER= [B] The natural ground slope is steeper than the bed slope of the channel

    Saline soil is characterised by:

    ANSWER= [D] low hydraulic conductivity

    The direction of the closing error is given by:

    ANSWER= [D] tan? = (algebraic sum of departures/algebraic sum of latitudes)

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