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Property of Green Concrete – Civil Experience

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Property of Green Concrete (Plain concrete) generally refers to a concrete mixer which is a mixture of a variety of materials like binding material ( cement, lime, etc ), fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water

    Property of Green Concrete

    In some cases, a special type of concrete property is achieved by using glass powder, fly ash to reduce the environmental impact and make an eco-friendly concrete mix

    It can be easily moulded to any desired size & shape before it loses its plasticity and hardens property

    The strength of concrete varies depending upon the proportion of ingredients. Which can be achieved or utilized by mix design procedure ( M10, M15, M20, M25, M30, M35, M50, so on) at the site of construction sites

    The main function of concrete material kept in mind that voids available in the coarse aggregate are filled with sand ( fine aggregate ) and voids in the sand are filled with cement paste


    Workability of concrete can be defined as concrete which can be easily mixed, adequately placed inside of any shape of formwork, consolidated with easily with the availability of technic and finished with a smooth surface

    Workability also can be defined as the amount of internal work required for concrete to compact to achieve optimum density

    Workability depends upon various factors like the quantity of water, grading, size, shape, and percentage of the aggregate

    The workability of plan green concrete is measured by

    • The slump test
    • Compaction test
    • Vee-Bee consistometer test


    Separation of coarse aggregate particles from the green concrete or fresh concrete is defined as segregation of concrete

    When concrete is placed from greater heights at the time of placing segregation may happen due to lack of sufficient quantity of fine aggregate/particles in concrete so that construction workers/engineers must have some basic skill of Construction.

    End of result segregation happened, and the cohesiveness property of the concrete is lost, and honeycomb in concrete creates in concrete. Ultimately results in the loss of concrete strength of hardened concrete


    It seems the same as the separation of concrete But bleeding is related to the appearance of water alone with cement paste on the surface of freshly laid and concrete leveling be smooth

    Generally, Bleeding happens due to an excessive quantity of water in the concrete mix also due to excessive compaction of concrete

    Bleeding results in creating pores and weakening of concrete

    Bleeding can be eliminated by controlling the quantity of water in the concrete mix also by using finer grading of aggregate


    Harshness can be defined as the resistance of concrete to the finished surface

    Harshness happened due to the presence of the insufficient amount of fine aggregate, cement mortar and also due to the use of non-graded aggregates also may result due to insufficient quantity of water used in the making of mix design

    achieving of Smooth surface is difficult with harsh concrete

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