Plans of Houses with Premises

The houses with premises in their lower part are some of the most common houses that have been seen these times. They can also be seen in Blue World City homes. We will analyze one in this blog. Its design is totally complex and very well structured to be able to have commercial premises in its lower part.

Each one of the details of both sites counts in an incredible way to be able to build a house with a local. Therefore, here you will find everything you need to know about house plans with premises.

Plans Of Houses With Premises Civil Experience
Plans of Houses with Premises

Space Distribution

The distribution of both spaces must be optimal. They must be together but not scrambled to be able to carry both sites correctly. For the most part, the house always has an independent entrance on the outside and one that communicates with the premises inside. Like our spaces, the house will always have a view of the business. That is, it will always have the possibility of seeing everything from some point.

The premises communicate very little with the house but only from its interior door. The rest of the plans should be made that way. You must have an access door, a space to attend to your clients, a reception space, and another to carry out your work activities.

Although, it should not only be of attention to the public since any merchandise of a corporation can only serve as a deposit and warehouse.

Extra Money?

Obviously, if you have the possibility of being able to rent the lower part of your house to benefit yourself, it is an excellent idea. With this, you will be able to have extra money to be able to maintain certain extra expenses.

Where is the Privacy?

Many people think that building a commercial space in the lower part of their house would greatly affect their privacy. In a certain part, there may be many people hanging around the house and putting your privacy at risk. Although if a limit is maintained between the people who have the premises and the people of the house, that will not be a problem.

Plans Of Houses With Premises 1 Civil Experience
Plans of Houses with Premises

Most of the time, this situation can be controlled easily and quickly. The construction of independent entrances or divisions in the entrances allows for maintaining the privacy of both people.

Disadvantages of the Premises

There are many disadvantages to designing and building with commercial premises. If they have attention to the public, it may affect the front of the person since this would be exposed to people who could dirty or damage the integrity of the front.

Double Design

In some cases, the designs of the premises can be double or multiple, giving greater possibilities of renting in the lower part. Each one with a specific structure without affecting the integrity of the house that is located on top.

In short, houses with premises at the bottom are one of the designs that have been seen in many parts of the world. They bring multiple benefits and drawbacks to the people who live together at the top unless the place is just a warehouse. From the rest, it is an excellent investment for people who want to design and build a house with commercial premises included.

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