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One-storey Two-bedroom House Plans, Minimalist Exterior Design

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Civil Experience will analyze a beautiful and simple one-story house built in two stages. It has large social rooms with a visual orientation toward green areas. Discover below the proposal of the architects Germán Müller.

Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations

First stage of the project with a built area of ​​only 80.00 m² on a plot of 11.00 x 27.00 meters:

Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations
Built area 80.00 m² | Design: German Müller

From the main entrance -located next to the car port- we directly access the social area of ​​the house (4), which is made up of the living room, the dining room, and the linear kitchen (3) in the same area, attached to this area we find a gallery-quincho (terrace) that has a space for BBQ (12); If we join the living-dining room with the terrace, which are virtually separated by a partition, we will obtain a large space for social gatherings. Such home design is frequently found in Park View City Homes.

On the right side of the plan, we can see the design of the bedroom that is accessed through a passageway; in the following floor plan, we will see the development of the next stage of construction with the addition of the second bedroom.

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Finished Stage of the Project with the Inclusion of a Second Bedroom

house plan 1 Civil Experience
Plan with the expansion of the private area

The second bedroom (main) with a bathroom included has been added following the route of the passageway in the private area. Between these two rooms, there is a patio or skylight (13) that has practically been dedicated to light and ventilate the new bedroom, giving it greater privacy with respect to the other spaces of the house.

Alternatively, we believe that it is possible that the secondary bedroom (07) could have a window to the dry patio (13) to improve natural lighting.

To conclude with the second stage, the pool has been built at the bottom of the plot (15), which has a small, virtually closed area (14) with a pergola.

Facade plan Civil Experience
Facade plan
cutting planes Civil Experience
cutting planes
roof plan Civil Experience
roof plan

House Exterior Design

The facade has a minimalist design. An enclosure has been created following the  Cobogó concept, that is, hollow structural elements that allow privacy to be controlled, allowing lighting and ventilation to pass through. It is conveniently located in front of the windows of the room.

Main facade of the house Photos Federico Cairoli Civil Experience
Main facade of the house | Photos: Federico Cairoli

The floors located outdoors are concrete blocks that have a design that harmonizes with the façade fence.

View between the perimeter fence and the main facade Civil Experience
View between the perimeter fence and the main façade

A light roof covers the garage and gives hierarchy to the main entrance to the house, let's see the front finish below:

front view of the house Civil Experience
front view of the house
house plan 2 Civil Experience
House Plan

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