How Can You Minimizing Wastage in Construction?

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Wastage in Construction

Here I provide my personal Civil Experience related to construction waste such as what are the Types of Waste, What are the 7 Types of Waste 

This article for everyone who is related to the civil engineering field or not because all of you will build your own house at some time or the other

First of all, you need to know Why materials are wasted during the building construction process so that you can better understand How to reduce material wastage in the construction

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If you have to look at all the things during the work so that your money is not wasted by material wastage in building construction

A complete reading of this article is necessary because incomplete knowledge does not give you the best result to avoid wastage in construction or reducing material wastage in construction

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    What are the 7 Types of Construction Waste?

    Some important things about construction waste will be told in today’s article if everyone’s response will be good to know more related wastage of construction materials and many more, then please comment, we will definitely write in detail article on how do you calculate wastage, wastage factor in construction, wastage of steel in construction etc

    Wastage in Construction
    Wastage in Construction

    #1 Rework or Defect

    Anything not done correctly at the first time So that the part has to be destroyed and rebuilt which trigger concrete wastage in construction project

    If you give your building construction work to any new building contractor or someone who has never done civil engineering construction work, then there is a possibility of a lot of common mistakes in construction and also wastage in the construction

    #2 Over Processing

    Unnecessary steps in operations, such as reprocessing, double-handling and double-checking which adds no value

    The time required to do each work is limited. At the same time within the time limit, we have to do all the construction work well so time wastage in construction is eliminated

    #3 Over Production

    Producing more than needed, faster than needed or before it is needed

    Excessive material production is also not good for building materials to maintain economical criteria of construction site work

    #4 Movement

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    To move and add value is called work

    To move and not add value is called motion

    #5 Waiting or Delay in construction activity

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    Inactivity that occurs because a preceding activity didn’t finish on time so alternatively time wastage in construction which is not allowable

    #6 Transportation

    Unnecessary movement of materials

    Whenever a material is brought, then where to place it is also a matter of importance but some people do not give importance to this matter and they invite wastage of manpower in construction and time wastage in construction

    There are so many types of waste in construction but remember again I note some point only for  focus on material wastage in construction

    Which is in different form such as steel wastage in construction, cement wastage in construction, concrete wastage in construction etc

    #7 Inventory

    Excess or shortage

    And last but not least: Value vs Waste 

    Value -the client cares that it is being done 

    Waste -not valuable to the client 

    Waste Results in Under Utilisation of Resources

    5S Method for Construction Waste Management

    It’s not an official method but I give the name and follow in my construction activity

    Another way to manage waste is to use the 5S method – which is an organizational approach to work

    It is short for Sorting, Simplifying, Sweeping, Standardising & Sustaining

    5S is not a one-time job

    Encouragement and self-discipline are needed

    5S can help us distinguish between “busy” and “active”

    5S can help identify and eliminate waste

    How Can You Minimize wastage in construction?

    Here I write lots of factors which generally be the reason for material wastage in the construction industry so you can avoid wastage in construction material by improving those factors

    1. Due to rebuilding the column/beam/slab due to honeycomb in concrete. You can use a proper vibrator during the casting of concrete done in a full compaction state so that concrete wastage in construction Will not done, make sure your cement slurry keep in formwork so cement wastage in construction eliminated also concrete segregation not produce 
    2. Every work is done after doing some particular work so if you miss this workflow, you have to do demolition

      You can avoid this issue by creating a workflow plan of construction process which contains the time and When to do

    3. Cut down floor due to varying degrees of the level slab, beam or column which trigger wastage control in construction

    4. Forget to provide dowels bar insertion in reinforcement for beam etc 

      If a portion of the building not made of concrete, it will be a waste of time and if construction has been done, then over time the material, manpower and money will also be a waste in construction

    5. Shifting scrap on site of construction many times before disposing of it due to lack of management ability

    6. Delay in information flow between structural design engineer, site engineer and consultant officer if any due to communication gap

    7. Errors or omissions in drawings

    8. Differences between drawing & specifications

    9. Delays in finalizing vendors/purchases

    10. Delays in approval of materials/goods or store drawings

    11. Wasted too much time in searching material, locating and sorting stirrups or scaffolding/ shuttering parts

    12. An unsuccessful search of items or equipment that resulted in wasted administration time, idle staff, disruption of daily routines

    13. Purchased awaiting item at a retail store due to limited space on the site

    14. Shipping, transport, landing and storage on-site are done without proper knowledge of the sequence of construction work

    15. Poor handling of materials such as unload near the gate move closer to the site then to the work location 

    16. Getting more staff in one place where no one can work well

    17. Poor calculation of CPM and PERF

    18. Project Manager spends 50% of the time arranging contractors/ work OR Site engineer spends 50% of his time on follow-up with workers OR manager/ engineer spends 40% of the time for procurement follow-up

    These are not exactly all mistakes that normally happen at the site of construction work but I try to cover the most common forms of inefficiencies in projects

    Civil Experience

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