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Design Engineering 1 B Syllabus of Civil Engineering Download

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Design Engineering 1 B Syllabus

You are studying Civil Engineering and you are going to appear in Semester 4 but you do not know what is the Design Engineering 1 B Syllabus of Civil Engineering 4th Semester?

You tried a lot to find out what is the syllabus of Design Engineering 1 B BE civil engineering 4th Semester but you did not get your result event after spending lots of time on the official website of GTU too or any university. I'm sure you agree with me, Right!

In The Civil Experiences, you will get to know what is the Design Engineering 1 B syllabus in civil engineering in semester 4, so read this article carefully and share it with friends.

Design Engineering 1 B Subject Info

Design Engineering 1 B Subject code 3140005 (Old: 2140002)
Category Project Work
Semester/Year 4/2
Lectures Hours 0
Tutorial Hours 0
Practical Hours 2
TheoryExternal Max Marks 0
TheoryInternal Max Marks 0
Practical Internal Max Marks 20
Practical External Max Marks 80

Design Engineering 1 B Subject Extra Infomation

Category Project Work
Elective Subject No
 Theory No
Theory Exam Duration 0
Practical Yes
Practical Exam Duration 0
Remark N/A
Functional Yes
Semipractical No

Objective: Applying Design Thinking

By putting the principles into exercises, the course aims to evaluate the learnings from the understanding design thinking course. Students must choose branch-specific subjects, utilize reverse engineering, modify existing solutions, and deepen their understanding of the Design Thinking stages.

Design Engineering Canvas Sheet

The civil experiences already provide demo GTU canvas sheets and also blank sheets for print and making your own sheet. Just check below all article that 100% helps you in civil engineering Design engineering project.

AEIOU Design Engineering Sheet

Design Engineering Empathy Canvas

Ideation Canvas Sheet

Product Development Canvas Design Engineering Sheet

Design Engineering LN Matrix Canvas


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Design Engineering 1 B Syllabus Civil Experiences 1 Civil Experience

Design Engineering 1 B Syllabus Online

You can read the design engineering 3140005 syllabus here in the civil experience easily so if you gain a valuable solution from us then help us by sharing this useful article with friends & join us on social media.

Download Design Engineering 1 B Syllabus

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FAQ 1: What is the Subject code of DE B2?
Subject code of DE gtu is 3140005. Please note that the old subject code is 2140002.
FAQ 2: What is the Subject Credit of 3140005? 
Design Engineering 1 B (3140005) subject credit is 3.

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