Describe Briefly The Characteristics of Good Stones

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In this article, we Describe Briefly the Characteristics of Good Stones without any extra garbage, short and clear information

Characteristics of Good Stones

Characteristics of good stones are described below

    Crushing Strength

    For a good building stone, the crushing strength of building stones must be greater than 100N/mm2.

    Durability of Good Stones

    Good building stones must be highly durable.

    The durability of a construction stone is due to its chemical composition and texture.

    Appearance of Good Stone

    Stones must appear good as far as building work is constructed. Uniform colour in building stones is desirable.

    Hardness Characteristic of Good Stones

    The hardness coefficient of a good building stone must be between 14 to 17. Stones with a hardness coefficient greatness than 17 are preferred in road construction work.


    A good building stone when fractured should show sharp, even, bright and clear grains well bonded with each other

    Specific Gravity

    Specific gravity should preferably be greater than 2.7 for a good building stone.

    The high specific gravity of stone indicates that they are more compact and less porous. However, stones used for domes, roofs etc. should be lighter.


    A compact, fine crystalline structure free from cavities, cracks and white soft patches is preferable.

    Fire Resistance

    The minerals present in stone should be such that they do not aid fire and also the stone is preserved in case of fire. The rapid increase in temperature due to fire, sudden cooling, variation in thermal coefficient of different minerals etc. lead to fracture of stones.


    In the impact test, a toughness index of more than 19 indicates a tough stone while a value less than 13 indicates a weak stone.

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