What is Vibrator | Guideline for Use of Concrete Vibrators

Concrete vibrator use is best for construction but if you have no enough technical knowledge to use vibrating tool then it creates major issues so...

What is Concrete Vibrator?

A concrete vibrator is a mechanical machine that can be run on a battery or some heavy use a steady power which used for a construction project to improve the structure of concrete and durability by settling your concrete ingredient

Why use a concrete vibrator?

Long term durability is a key aim to use concrete vibrators

During the pouring of concrete air bubbles creates in a wet green concrete mixture and form cavities or honeycombs in concrete which greatly reduce the strength and durability of the structure

Vibrators impact on air bubbles and remove from the mixture and make create final concrete compacted free from voids which have high life spam compared to non compacted concrete

Guideline for use of concrete vibrators

Concrete vibrating equipment use is best for any building construction works line beam, columns, slabs for any other construction work 

But if you have no enough technical knowledge to use of concrete vibrating tool then it also creates major issues for concrete also in structure

Like unskill labour usually want to use concrete vibrating equipment more so that they have less physical work but stop them to do and provide proper guideness for a concrete vibrating tool which you learn here with Civil Experience

  • First of all, Keep in your mind that Vibrators are not tools for spreading concrete in formwork because it may be turn result in the segregation of course aggregate
  • The part of vibrators should not contact with an object like hardened concrete, steel reinforcement, formwork no matter wooden or ms steel because it may lead (impact) damage to the bearing
  • For achieving the best result, compaction of concrete should be of stiffest enough as possible consistency preferably, w/c ration of about 0.3 to 0.35
  • If immersion vibrators use to compact concrete than the thickness of layers places should not more then than the depth of the operating part of the vibrator by more then 25 percent
  • Depending upon the work of nature of works vibrators use at horizontal, vertical or incline angle but if you should use a needle vibrator for compaction of concrete vertically and should be immersed in beams and columns or any other thick part of building at regular intervals
  • Generally, an Electric concrete vibrator job complete desired result in 5 to 15 seconds at a point 45 cm to 75 cm, instead of for longer periods at wider intervals
  • To insure through the union of layers, the needle vibrator for compaction of concrete must be penetrated to the below layer of new layer for several inches so that you gain better results in finished concrete work
  • The form vibrator for concrete should be Definitely secure to the form as otherwise its efficiency is greatly reduced. The duration of form vibration varies between 60 to 90 seconds
  • Excess use of vibration of concrete mix with the slump of higher than 100 mm may produce segregation of concrete, Delay in a formation of the surface. The vibration of concrete for more than 3 minutes is only a waste of effort and time without any harm to the concrete
  • A concrete vibrator may decrease the entrained air in the air-entrained concrete to 50 percent so air-entrainment should be twice if the concrete mix is to be vibrated
  • Surface vibrator use for compaction of concrete in straight continuous strokes of 100 mm to 200 mm overlapping on the previously compacted concrete and also keep in mind that vibration duration may approximately vary between 30 to 60 seconds
  • The surface vibrator for concrete vibrator must be kept far away about 10 to 20 cm from the formwork
  • The surface vibrator for concrete must be withdrawn by an upward jerk and it should not pull slowly on the placed concrete
  • After completion of vibration work at one place then slowly remove vibrator vertically after turn off concrete vibrator motor

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