What is Brick Pavement with Advantage and Disadvantage

Bricks or Brick box are used as pavement in streets and roads as brick pavement over a number of years both in India and abroad

Bricks or Brick box are used as pavement in streets and roads as paving materials/brick pavement over a number of years both in India and abroad


Brick Pavement also knows as a brick paving, When pavement was made by using materials like bricks, bricks box, grey paving bricks then its knows as a Brick Pavement

Image by Billy Hathorn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Some popular cities streets in the United States of America, constructed nearly about 50 years ago with brick pavement surfaces over a cement concrete base, have given a remarkable performance with the pavement of brick box

In a European country too. variety of brick roads constructed more than 100 years ago have given excerpt service. Their use in countries abroad has generally declined

In India, brick pavements are popular in the northern plains not more popular with a large area but now days increase the use of brick pavement

Source: IRC: SP:63-2004, Page 5

The scarcity of the stone aggregates and the suitability of the local soils materials easily available for the manufacture of bricks have made this specification popular there

Why Brick pavement is used || Usage of Pavement Bricks

Brick paving is adopted ln India for the following uses:

  1. As sub-base layer for important roads
  2. As the base layer for the middle category of roads
  3. As a surfacing layer for very important roads (village roads etc.)
  4. As for specification for shoulders, especially of single-lane roads.
  5. As a surfacing layer for service lanes. foot-paths and cycle-tracks in town end cities

In the U.S.A and some other countries abroad. Nowadays brick-pavement already adopted as a top surface layer over a base of cement concrete. This specification was in use some years ago on the city streets

Advantages of Bricks Box

The following are the main advantages of the pavement of bricks
  1. In the alluvial soil of the north, the scarcity of stone materials compels the engineer to use bricks in any kind of various component of the pavement structure
  2. The manufacture of bricks or laying of bricks as pavement as practised in India is a highly labour intensive process and should find favour with the engineers for many years to come. practically no process and should find favour with the engineers for many years to come. practically no mechanical equipment is needed
  3. The salvage value of the bricks is high so that they can be reused after dismantling for any reason
  4. If grey paving bricks box used as a surface course, the brick pavement is dust-free so that we can use this property to advantage in paving city lanes, footpaths and cycle-tracks at a cheap cost
  5. A tolerably firm shoulder of bricks is a great advantage for single-lane roads. such shoulders ensure firm lateral support to the pavement, increase the capacity of the single-lane road and provide a service lane as a stable surface for overtaking and crossing manoeuvres of vehicles and also decrease obstacle in traffic
  6. Traffic can be allowed as soon as the pavement is laid
  7. There is no needed for any kind of curing time or setting time for effective working
  8. The maintenance of the brick pavement is relatively easy and cheap
The main advantage of the brick box over other materials is that individual bricks or some parts can later be lifted up and replaced

Disadvanced of brick pavement

  1. Brick pavement lacks the interlocking stability obtained from graded aggregates. so that it is argued that the stability of brick pavement or brick box of broken brick aggregates, well compacted, is much higher than that of brick paving
  2. As a surfacing layer, the abrasive by iron-tyred traffic causes quick wear, leading to rust. with pneumatic tyred traffic also, unprotected brick surfaces were out quickly. this disadvantage is eliminating by providing a thin bituminous surfacing such as a chipping carpet
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