GTU final year project report format ON CONCRETE PDF

Experimental investigation on strength & durability parameters of concrete replacing cement by glass powder in concrete the complete report of final year project

Experimental Investigation on Strength and Durability Parameters of Concrete Replacing Cement by Glass Powder in Concrete

The complete report of GTU final year project

Full completed report of engineering project download PDF - Civil engineering project report free download

How to set the format of project report on GTU ( Gujarat Technical Universality ) 

    Sample for index 

    • List of Figure

    1. Keep the size of all Figure same which create a professional image of your project ( make border if you like )
    • List of Table 

    1. Keep the size of all table same which create a professional image of your project ( if possible try to get a full table on the same page if not possible then make a header in both tables)

    1. Add the background of the project product like how cement first use etc
    2. Present use - Which kinds types, formation, unique product, etc
    3. The market of the project - Which types for project/work already have in market/construction

    1. Add author name and situation who already work on the same topic, idea, related project etc which you have referred for your project and get information (very important)

    1. Where you got material, 
    2. History, 
    3. Market availability, 
    4. Why you select this particular material or topic, 
    5. Advantages, 
    6. The physical property of material, chemical property material, 
    7. Side effects if any etc

    1. A full detailed description of your test, 
    2. The result, with figure, table, chart
    3. Cost compression of material which uses in present with your special material which you use for the project

    1. Your conclusion is should be sort and simple to understand

    1. Reference book
    2. IS code (if any)
    3. research paper
    4. Patent 
    5. link

    Civil engineering project report free download

    If You want a PDF file or Word file then comment, how you like the post and in a comment telling me you want which file with email id so I'll send the file 

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