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What is the risk of this hydrologic design?

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Civil UPSC ESE Exam Solution 2021

UPSC ESE Exam Solution 2021 for Civil Engineering UPSC ESE 2021 GS Paper 1 download exam paper from telegram

A bridge has an expected life of 25 years and is designed for a flood magnitude of return period 100 years. What is the risk of this hydrologic design?

ANSWER= [C] 1 – (99/100)25

Detailed Solution for Civil Engineering Exam

Given data

Design life (n) = 25 years

Return Period (T) = 100 years

Risk = 1 – qn

= 1 – (1 – p)n = 1 – ( 1 – (1/T) )n

Risk = 1 – (1-(1/100))25

Risk = 1 – (99/100)25

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