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What is Minimum Size of Glass Tube?

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Civil UPSC ESE Exam Solution 2021

UPSC ESE Exam Solution 2021 for Civil Engineering UPSC ESE 2021 GS Paper 1 download exam paper from telegram

What is the minimum size of a glass tube that can be used to measure water level if the capillary rise in the tube is to be restricted to 2 mm?

ANSWER= [A] 1.5 cm

Correct answer for What is the minimum size of glass tube is 1.5 cm.

Detailed Solution for Civil Engineering Exam

Capillary rise = [(4 σ cosθ) / (γ * d)] = h

if h less than or equal to 2 mm

(4 σ cosθ)/(γw * d ) ≤ 2 mm

d ≥ (4 σ cos θ) / (γw * 2 mm)

dmin = (4 σ cos θ)/(γw * 2 mm)

for water glass contact, θ = 0

dmin = (4 σ)//(γw * 2 mm)

dmin = 4 * 0.073575 N/m/(9810 N/m3 * 2 * 10-3 m)

dmin = 0.015 m = 15 mm = 1.5 cm

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