Standard Window Size: Picking the Right Window Style for Your 1st Luxury Home

Planning about investing in new windows to transform the look of your home? Well, the size of windows (Standard Window Size) you choose can make or break the game of house design.

In fact, the standard window size is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to picking the windows that would fit nicely with the aesthetics of your home. No matter how beautiful a window design is, it won’t lend a chic look to your place if the size doesn’t blend with the interior/exterior layout of your home.

So, before you start hunting for an ideal window solution for your home, it is crucial to learn some basics about choosing the standard window sizes. Here, we’ll get you through everything that goes into picking the right window size that will make your home look more elegant.

Some Prerequisites for Picking Standard Window Sizes

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Standard Window Size

There is no hard and fast rule for determining the standard window size for a bedroom/office. All it depends on how you would want your home to look. Besides, there are some building codes that need to be followed. The Civil Experiences provided some guidelines about picking the right window size:

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When choosing the size of your windows, keep sills in mind. Home improvement experts recommend that the sills should be low enough for you to see through when you are seated.


If the ceilings in your home are high, pick a window that is tall enough to make it look uniform in your dream home. Also, make sure that there is enough space above the windows for curtain rods.

Safety Glass

If you pick a window that will come close to your floor, it should have safety glass installed in it.

Other Important Considerations

In addition to sills, safety glass, and ceilings, you should also consider the interior and exterior elements of your home. The window’s length and width should be in proportion with the additional elements of the home.

Furthermore, if you want non-standard window dimensions, or you are looking for something different window size, consider custom windows. Customized, quality doors and windows with stylish millwork design can be a wonderful consideration to add a modern appeal to your home.

Common Window Sizes

The standard height and width of your windows depend on the window’s style ideas. Below are some common window sizes-

Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows consist of a movable sash. The top of these windows is stationery, and the ends are raised for ventilation.

What is a standard window size:- Single Hung Windows are the cheapest and most common window type with a width between 36’’ and 84’’.

Double Hung Windows

These Double Hung Windows have two sashes for ventilation. As both the top and bottom are open, double-hung windows are easier to clean.

Standard double hung windows size starts at 24’’ and can go up to 48’’. (Standard window sizes in feet start at 2 feet and can go up to 4 feet)

Bow Windows

A bow window is multiple windows put together in such a way that it creates around the area. This type of window is 1 to 6 windows wide and has a round base. 

Awning Windows

An awning window type of window has hinges on the top and is open outward at the bottom. Generally, these windows are popular in garages or basements where the top of the walls is above ground. Their window size varies from 12’’ and 60’’.

Casement Windows

These windows are adjustable and open like French doors, which makes them look great. Also, they provide good ventilation to your space. The width of casement windows size varies from 12’’ to 36’’. 

These are some of the common window types; there are plenty of window styles to choose from. All it depends on your preferences. 

How To Pick The Right Window Size and Style?

Now that you know the common window types and some prerequisites for picking the right window type, below are some more factors to consider:-

Building Codes

Building codes are restrictions for safety that help you ensure that your windows meet the standards. You can talk to a builder, contractor, or window installer to get more information about local building codes.

Architectural Style

The next important thing to consider is the architectural style of the home. Oversized windows work well for modern homes but may not blend well with a traditional-style home. So, prioritize a window style that complements the style of your home.


What works for the outside may not be ideal for the inside. For example, windows facing east/west get a very low angle of fall sunlight. It could be troublesome in a room that is used for streaming TV. If you want to install windows on those walls, you need to set the sill at least 4 feet off the floor. Likewise, you can increase the amount of glass, allowing for more ventilation.

Hopefully, The Civil Experiences guide provides valuable information for you, now you know the basics of choosing the right window size for your home. You can talk to a professional interior designer or home builder for more assistance in picking the right window style.

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