What Are The Properties of Good Mortar? What Are The Main Uses of Mortar?

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Construction materials mortar is the backbone on which brick wall stable.

Just imagine if you create a wall of brick without mortar then its ability to stand and bear forces? I’m sure now you realize mortar value.

Before starting an answer for Property of a Good Mortar and use for brick mortar please follow us if you gain some valuable solutions from civil experience.

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What Are The Properties of Good Mortar? What Are The Main Uses of Mortar?

List of Properties of Good Mortar

Here in the Civil Experience best civil engineering blog, we explain briefly the characteristics of good mortar (properties of good mortar) so read carefully.

  • The most important properties of a good mortar are mobility, playability, and water retention.
  • Good brick mortar should be capable of developing good adhesion with the building units such as bricks, stones, and any building materials.
  • Great mortar should be cheap in price.
  • It should be capable of developing the designed stresses.
  • Morter should be durable.
  • It should be easily workable. (Workability of mortar should great read more by searching “Workability” article from Civil Experience)
  • It should not affect the durability of materials with which it comes into contact.
  • It should be set quickly so that speed in construction may be achieved.
  • The joints formed by mortar should not develop cracks and they should be able to maintain their appearance for a sufficiently long period

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Now I am sure your question about what are the properties of good mortar? is solved and you have no other quarry regarding the requirements of good mortar which also consider as properties of good mortar.

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What Are The Main Uses of Mortar?

A list of Main Uses of Mortar is described below.

  1. Cement mortar is used for the damp proof courses below the ground level, and exposed work such as exterior free-standing walls and parapets.
  2. Lime mortar is used in masonry to bindstones, bricks, or concrete blocks together.
  3. It is suitable for masonry and plastering in cheap and light load-bearing wall construction.
  4. Cement mortar is also used for pointing purposes in the joints of masonry, for plastering the surface of masonry to protect it from weather, and to provide a pleasing and smooth finish.
  5. Gauged mortar is used for bedding and for thick brick walls.

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