One of The Testing Equipments Used For Inspection Is?

One of the testing equipments used for inspection is?

ANSWER = [B] Strain gauges
Explain:- Correct answer for the question One of the testing equipment used for inspection is [B] Strain gauges

Detailed Solution By Civil Experience Team

Strain gauges is the one of testing equipment which used for inspection.

Modern Testing Equipment which could be of use to the specialized inspection test are listed below:

  • Rebound hammer compressive strength (Schmidt hammer)
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity detection of cracks
  • Electronic strain gauges for measurement of strain in concrete and steel
  • Magnetic decor for measuring the thickness of concrete cover and for locating reinforcement bars
  • Mechanical extensometer
  • Vibration measuring equipment
  • Transparent templates and microscope for reading of crack widths on the surface of the concrete hydraulic jacks
  • Snooper-crawler and adjustable ladders
  • Pressure transducers or load cells for measurement of forces etc
  • Electrical resistance meter(for rust pockets)

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