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During this coronavirus covid 19 pandemic some other government authorities are closed due to 45 covid positive cases but schools and colleges are open also exams will conduct even after the number of positive case increase day by day.

So all students of GTU as well as other universities are want to cancel the offline exams But also understand the importance of the exam, so students want to apply for the online exam request.

Some students are facing problems in writing emails for online exams request, so we have given an email format for them. Please share with all students as fast as. We also write another request sample for sending CMO “How to write a complaint to CM”. so save websites bookmark or page save.

Email Mail Address List


Send the same email as BCC (blind carbon copy) at once. and edit some info as per your condition.

Email Format For Request to Conduct Online Examination


Education minister

Education department,


Subject: Matter of taking online education, online examination in schools and colleges in Gujarat

Mr. Hon'ble,

Seeing the situation of the corona case day by day in Gujarat, I am worried about the health of students and people.

In such a situation, students still have to go for offline education / offline exams in many schools and colleges of Gujarat. Even now, cases are starting to come in schools and colleges.

Many students get up and down in a crowded bus/vehicle from a distance. So such a student may come in contact with the disease for some reason or another. Getting sick also affects the result of study and examination... while there are many students whose financial condition is not good that can afford the cost of hospital...

In 2021, when the corona case was very bad, many students/children have lost their parents.

My only request to you is that the offline education / offline exams taken in all schools and colleges/universities of Gujarat should be done online So that the cases of corona stop spreading among the youth and children. I hope you accept this request and take action.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.


Akash Dudhat

Surat, Gujarat

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If you want this email application formate in the Gujarati language then put your email id in the comment we will send you the word doc file.

Please put you thoughts in comments box and please share with all students and help others

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