General Knowledge Questions With Answers Part 2

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GK Questions With Answers Engineering MCQ

GK questions with answers for competitive exams test series for best practice for competitive exams. Don’t miss other test series for competitive exams. Check now from Civil Experience Blog all MCQ test Series.

Latest GK Questions With Answers for competitive exam.

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Which of the following is correct about the second summit held between Donald Trumo. The president of USA and Kim Jong Un, the North Korean Leader?

1 It was held in February 2019. 2 It was held in may, 2019. 3 It was held in Hanoi (vietnam). 4 It was held in Singapore.

ANSWER= [B] 3 & 1

The headquarters of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) are established in:

ANSWER = [D] Vienna

Which of the following country is not in the continent of North America?

ANSWER= [C] Brazil

Which of the following is not the Novel of Salman Rushdie?

ANSWER = [A] The Inheritance of Loss

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