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Full load is supplied by the turbine shaft when the diameter of jet

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Civil UPSC ESE Exam Solution 2021

UPSC ESE Exam Solution 2021 for Civil Engineering UPSC ESE 2021 GS Paper 1 download exam paper from telegram

A full load is supplied by the turbine shaft when the diameter of the jet issuing from the nozzle is 150 mm. If the load suddenly drops to 36% of the full load, what diameter of the jet should be attained by regulating the spear rod?

ANSWER= [C] 90 mm

Detailed Solution for Civil Engineering Exam

Upon change in load: discharge is varied by varying the area of jet

Q1 = Q

Velocity of jet remains constant.

At full load; d=d1 =150mm

Q2 = 0.36Q

AT 36% of full load, d = d2

Q = A * V1 = (π/4)d2 * V1

V1 = constant, Q ∝ d2

Q2/Q1 = (d2/d1)2

0.36 = (d2/150)2

d2/150 = 0.6

d2 = 90 mm

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