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Drops Are Provided in Flat Slabs to Resist

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Drops are provided in flat slabs to resist

The correct answer for Drops are provided in flat slabs to resist is Shear

This MCQ question was previously asked in Many Exams which are listed below

  • ISRO Scientist Civil 2017 Paper
  • MPPSC AE CE 2014 Official Paper – II
  • ISRO Scientist Civil 2017 Paper.

Please read the Detailed explanation of Drops are provided in flat slabs to resist for the clear concept behind the question

Flat Slabs

The flat slab is a two-way reinforced concrete slab that usually does not have beams and girders, and the loads are transferred directly to the supporting concrete columns.

Flat Slab Support Methods

The flat slabs may be supported by three methods:

  1. Using a drop panel and a column capital in flat slab
  2. Using a drop panel without a column capital in flat slab
  3. Using a column capital without drop panel in flat slab

Drop Panel

The thickened part of a flat slab over its supporting column is technically known as a drop panel as can be observed in the figure below

Uses of Drop Panels

What are the Uses of Drop Panels?

Answer for Uses of Drop Panels is provided below

  1. Drop panels increase the shear strength of the flat slab floor (i.e it resists shear).
  2. Drop panels increase the flat slab's negative moment capacity.
  3. Drop panels reduce deflection by stiffening the flat slabs.
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