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Different Types of Paints And Polish Used in Modern Buildings

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In this article, We learn about Different Types of Paints And Polish Used in Modern Buildings

Different Types of Paints Used in Buildings

    Cement Paint

    It consists of white cement along with pigment and an accelerator.

    Different Types of Paints And Polish Used in Modern Buildings

    It is available in dry powder form.

    Generally, it is used for decorative purposes.

    This paint has poor adhesion power with smooth surface and is thus always advantageous to apply on rough Surface

    Anti-corrosive Paint

    It consists of oil and a strong drier. Pigments like chromium oxide (Cr2O3) or lead (Pb) is mixed with very fine sand and is then added to paint.

    It protects the metal from corrosion especially when the metal is exposed to a corrosive environment.

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    Bituminous Paint

    It is prepared by adding asphalt to any oil or petroleum. It is used for painting underwater steelworks.

    Aluminum Paint

    In this paint, finely grounded aluminum is suspended in quick drying spirit varnish or slow drying oil varnish as per the requirement.

    The evaporation of spirit or oil leaves a thin metallic film of aluminum on the surface being painted. This paint is visible in the dark also and protects steel better than any other paint. It has a high electrical resistance.

    Cellulose Paint

    It is prepared from cotton, celluloid sheets, photographic films, etc. It hardens by evaporation of thinning agents.

    It gives a flexible, hard, and smooth surface but is a bit costlier than ordinary paint.

    Celulose painted surfaces can withstand high heat and cold.

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    Describe The Various Ingredients of a Paint

    Various ingredients of paint:

    Oil based paint essentially consists of the following ingredients:


    A base is a solid substance in a very finely divided form that forms the bulk of the paint.

    It imparts durability to the paint and determines its character.

    It reduces the shrinkage cracks on the drying of paint and also forms an opaque layer to make opaque the surface being painted.

    Some of the bases used in paint are white lead, red lead, zinc oxide, iron oxide, antimony white, titanium white, lithopone, etc.

    Vehicle or Carrier

    A vehicle is a liquid substance that holds the ingredients of paint in suspension.

    It makes it possible to spread the paint on the surface to have a uniform thin layer and also acts as a binder for the ingredients of the paint so that they may adhere to the surface.

    Some of the commonly used vehicles are linseed oil, Tung oil, poppy oil, nut oil etc.


    This accelerates the process of drying the paint.

    It absorbs oxygen from the air and transfers it to the linseed oil (vehicle) which in turn gets hardened.

    Colouring Pigment

    It is added to paint when it is required to have a color of the paint other than that of the base.

    The pigments are available in the form of fine powder.

    The table below gives the type of pigment used for a different color.

    Colour of Paint



    Graphite, Lamp black, Vegetable black etc.


    Chrome yellow, Zinc chrome, Yellow ochre etc.


    Vermilion red, Red lead, Carmine etc.


    Indigo, Prussian blue etc.


    Raw umber etc.


    Copper sulphate, Chrome green etc.

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