Cutting Length of Rectangular Stirrups

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Cutting Length of Rectangular Stirrups is a small part but it has important because without it an estimation of building materials is incomplete and also small error also becomes a huge loss so Cutting the Length of Rectangular Stirrups is important.

Here in the civil experience, we provide a free Cutting Length of Rectangular Stirrups Excel spreadsheet for civil experience’s best civil engineering blog readers.

Stirrups are also known as Ring

  1. Stirrups use in Beam
  2. Tie Ring used in Column

By using a Civil Experience excel sheet

You can easily find out the cutting length of stirrups or ring for column and ring or tie for beam in just seconds.

In building, not all columns, the beam is same so the calculation of estimation of reinforcement bar required for startups or ring or tie is very time consuming and tedious method so there is an extreme need for automatic calculation of bar bending schedule is one of the important parts

After watching this video you will be able to calculate cement sand and aggregate quantity in concrete by excel in a one or tow minit

If You want more excel sheets or need any kind of help or information then comment, I will defiantly give you a possible solution which is followed on real civil site work (not old useless book educational book)

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If you want the theory part of quantity calculation to learn How to manually calculate the quantity of calculating the quantity of CEMENT, SAND & AGGREGATE then tell me in the comment, and also if you want more excel sheets like this for estimation and design them comment or contact me by Blog, Youtube, Telegram, Instagram, Email, comment, etc…

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