Easy Brick Mortar Calculation | Cement Mortar Calculation in Brick Masonry

Brick Mortar CalculationCalculation of “CEMENT” is one of the important parts of the Estimation of material and for the Expected cost… So today Civil Experience will tell you the simplest way to find Mortar quantity used for brickwork with easy steps and in second.

Mortar Calculation for Brick Work | Brick Mortar Calculation

The mortar calculation for brickwork in building construction is used to determine how much mortar should be applied to each brick before laying it into place.

This can be done using a simple formula-based excel spreadsheet of civil experience upon the weight of the bricks and the thickness of the wall. A concrete block is typically 8 inches thick (20 cm), but if this number is not known then a standard brick size can be used.

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Brick Mortar Calculation in 7 Steps

Cement mortar calculation in brick masonry is an important step before buying construction materials but brick work mortar calculation work is a lengthy calculation or you don’t know how to calculate mortar in brick masonry then this civil experience article solve your civil engineering problem.

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Brick Mortar Calculation

example wall height 1 ft, length 1 ft, with 9 inch 

with 1:6 cement mortar

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Volume of Bricks ( for which you want to find nos. of bricks)

  • 9″ x 4.5″ x 3″ size of brick which used in site or work in India 

NOTE:- ( not ordinary brick which mention in the book… on-site ordinary bricks never used but the calculation is the same for all size brick)

  • with mortar of 12mm size of brick = 9.5″ x 5″ x 3.5″ 
  •  Area of Brick = l * b * h

                                   = 9.5 * 5 * 3.5                                      =166.25 cubic inch
                                   = 0.09620 cubic feet

Volume of wall ( for which you want to find nos. of bricks)

for example wall height 1 ft, length 1 ft, with 9 inch

  • Area of wall = h * l *b               

                               = 1 * 1 * ( 9/12)                                  = 0.75 cubic feet

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Numbers of bricks

  • No. of brick = wall area / brick area with mortar

                               = 0.75 / 0.09620                                                              = 7.79 = 8 nos. of brick

(Note This point… by interpolating you easily find numbers of bricks)

In 1 square foot, 9 inch wall required 8 nos. of bricks

Volume of bricks without mortar

  •  Area of Brick = l * b * h

                                   = 9 * 4.5 * 3                                      =121.5 cubic inch
                                   = 0.07031 cubic feet

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Find Volume of Mortar

  • The volume of mortar = area of the wall – an area of brick without mortar

                                         =  0.75 – (0.07031 * 8)

                                         =  0.75 – 0.56248                                          =0.18752 cubic feet
                                         = 0.005315 cubic meters ( Wet volume )
NOTE :- 0.33% volume of mortar increase when wet volume convert into dry volume

                                         = 0.007069 cubic meter ( Dry volume )

(Note This point… by interpolating you easily find the volume of mortar)

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In 1 square feet 9 inch wall required 0.007069 cubic meter Mortar required

Find the quantity of cement

  • Quantity of Cement = Mortar volume * cement ratio * density of cement

                                             = 0.007069 * (1/7) *1440

                                             = 1.454 Kg = 1.5 KG(Note This point… by interpolating you easily find Quantity of cement)

In 1 square feet 9 inch wall required 1.45 KGMortar required

For Video Tutorial 

How To Calculate Number Of Bricks, Cement And Sand For Brickwork

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