Basic Process of RCC Column in Construction

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In this civil experience article, you will learn about how to build a column and Tips for Process of RCC Column in Construction from start to end of the RCC column construction process or column in building construction according to the design of the RCC column as per is 456 or ACI

Basic Process of RCC Column in Construction

Process of RCC Column in Construction is a Spinal cord of building because the whole construction or structure stands on columns so the casting of the column be the most important construction process which needs special care of supervision by a civil experience team

Never Worry About What to Do About RCC column in building construction Again With These Tips

    Tips for RCC Column Construction Process

    What is RCC Column?

    A column which is constructed or build with help of concrete and reinforcement is called as RCC column or Reinforced Cocnrete Column

    If you want to design then go to isolated RCC column footing, in which all thing covered such as the load-carrying capacity of the RCC column, the maximum percentage of steel in the RCC column, the minimum diameter of lateral ties in the RCC column. Its like RCC column design calculator go and learn

    RCC Column layout

    In this stage of the RCC concrete layout of the column, the location of columns is marked practically on the field so that you need to know how to read column drawings

    Generally, RCC Column layout marking or column line construction marking is done by laying rope according to the layout plan of the column given by the structure designer

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    How to Read Drawings Construction

    To learn How to Read Drawings Construction must watch the below video in which I explain how to read any plan. I take an example of beam layout but you can also read column layout plan with help of that video

    Columns Starter

    Columns starter gives a guide to the concrete column for proper dimensions which I already post article so must read that article to learn all consideration which helps you in building construction

    So that you can save from makes mistake during the construction process

    Reinforcement Work

    After marking the layout of columns on the construction site we place reinforcement bars as per instruction given by the structural engineer in the structure drawing of the building

    Most important lateral ties in RCC columns or stirrups bend at 135 angles it’s safe from the earthquake or lateral moments

    I already discussed “how to read beam/column drawing in detail in the below video

    Joint in RC columns

    Structural Design of RCC columns contains structural notes from the structural designer which we must follow during building construction site work. On that note, you will find important suggestions about lapping length ( link ) for the concrete column or any other you should follow that suggestion

    Always give lapping of the vertical bar of columns between centre to floor height with alternative lapping

    Alternative means, for example, you columns have 4 or 6 vertical bar then lapping of bar not come at some point

    Column Shuttering

    Construction of column formwork is important because the whole concrete structure standing on column and column guild by formwork/shuttering

    Normally building height is about 3  meter so if we casting column in one part means 3 meter height than it’s lead the segregation of concrete and also compacting of concrete no done properly and result give honeycombs and design strength not achived

    If Concrete pouring height is more than concrete shuttering has a So two option for casting concrete column

    • One side of column fix at height of 1.5 meters and cast 1.5 meter column and then fix later portion and cast it 
    • Another way to the casting of columns is to keep a small window at the height of 1.5 meters from where you able to cast column properly and after completing casting close windows and cast the rest portion of the concrete shuttering
    Use of shuttering oil before column concreting
    In the case of ms plate it’s easy to properly fix shuttering but in the case of wooden shuttering some special care required

    Applied shuttering oil before placing of reinforcements

    Never applied oil after placing reinforcements because by mistake oil applied on reinforcements then joint of concrete with reinforcements became weak

    Concrete Cover

    Basically, as you all know, minimum clear cover for RCC column is provided as a safeguard of reinforcement from various impacts like moisture, heat, chemicals…

    Must use high-quality cement for building if you want to compromise then go with brickwork but never with columns because columns are the spinal cord of building

    Before the casting of columns take a sample for testing of the concrete slump and temperature and make sure that the mix design of concrete is correct as per structure drawing

    If the casting of concrete needed a large concrete which is not possible to make on-site to casting done in one flow without breaking time then go with ready mix concrete

    During the casting of concrete applied proper compaction of concrete by Using mechanical vibratos otherwise honeycomb created and create major problems for detail understanding see below video

    Curing of Columns

    Funny but sometimes people don’t open shuttering and think that higher strength achieved 

    But you have to open shuttering of columns after 24 hours of casting because concrete need proper curing

    The column is a vertical member so water is not stored so that you can place guuny (materials which able to store moisture long time) on columns and moisture available for cement concrete for hydration process by which create a bond in particle and strength achieve

    Create grips/marking on Concrete surface

    It’s making columns surface rough and help in making strong bonding between columns and plaster 
    Extra Tip take care of Estimation of RCC column | Measures to Prevent Extra Cost in Concrete Construction
    FAQ 1: Why Stirrups is important?

    To transfer share force without damage Its also provide safety for earthquake but required proper design

    FAQ 2: Best Suitable height for the casting of concrete?

    Not more than 1.5 meters. The low height is best and it also helps to prevent honeycomb and segregation

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