How Many Airports in India are Under Construction?

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If you’re wondering how many airports are currently under construction in India, this Civil Experience website has the answer!

There are a number of upcoming airports in India that are planned to improve air connectivity while simultaneously advancing infrastructure and corporate growth.

As an engineer, we always Wonder about the major upcoming airports in India. to learn and keep ourselves updated with the latest construction news.

I strongly recommend common people also keep updated so they know hows their country grows so join us to keep updated.

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Major Upcoming Airports in India

How Many Airports In India Are Under Construction?
How Many Airports in India are Under Construction?

Are you curious about the major upcoming airports in India? The construction of 100 more airports in India by the year 2024 has already been announced by Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister and Minister of Corporate Affairs.

An allocation of Rs. 1.7 trillion, or around $23.7 billion, was allocated towards improving the nation’s transportation infrastructure during the announcement of the Union Budget for FY2020–21.

According to the Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik or UDAN plan, the new airports will be beneficial. Citizens will have improved access to air travel because to regional air connections, especially in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

The decision to invest in a number of new airports in India is motivated by the forecast increase in air fleets from 600 to 1,200. The airports will help in reducing the existing demands placed on the nation’s major transport hubs.

Six additional airports are run under the PPP (public-private partnership) model, while the AAI (Airports Authority of India) is in charge of managing 136 airports across India.

India now has the third-largest domestic civil aviation market worldwide.

Recent Updates on Upcoming Airports in India

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming airports in India and the latest developments about their construction.

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Sindhudurg Airport

Sindhudurg Airport- This airport is situated only 27 kilometers away from the Goa-Mumbai Highway in Maharashtra and in the Sindhudurg District.

The airport has already been inaugurated by former Maharashtra Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis.

The airport is located near various tourist hotspots including the Sindhudurg Fort and Tarkali Beach.

Commercial operations should begin soon at this airport which can currently handle 400 travelers in terms of its capacity.

Rourkela Airport

Rourkela Airport- Odisha has already obtained regulatory permission for setting up its third airport at Rourkela. The DGCA has given its license for operation of flights at this airport.

The airstrip and other aspects were reviewed previously before the green signal was given for operations under the UDAN blueprint. AAI had confirmed two more airports for the State of Odisha in 2019, namely Utkela (Kalahandi) and Jeypore.

Jewar Airport

Jewar Airport- Possibly one of the most talked about upcoming airports in India, the Jewar Airport at Greater Noida will help in reducing the strain on the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, while ensuring greater convenience for Noida residents as well.

The airport will be situated approximately 60 kilometers away from Delhi and will be built for Rs. 20,000 crore across 4 phases. It is expected to cover 5,000 acres in total.

Navi Mumbai International Airport

Navi Mumbai International Airport- Covering 1,160 hectares in the Kopra-Panvel belt under the MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region), the airport could be fully operational by the year 2023.

MIAL (Mumbai International Airport Private Limited) has received approval for project development.

Kannur International Airport

Kannur International Airport- The Kannur Greenfield airport is already being constructed and commercial flight operations may start soon.

Hirasar Airport

Hirasar Airport- AAI and the Gujarat State Government inked their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for building this new Greenfield airport in the Rajkot District, at Hirasar.

The Cabinet has issued its approval for the construction of this airport for approximately Rs. 1,400 crore.

The airport will cover 1,025 hectares near the National Highway 8B which links to Ahmedabad.

Orvakal Airport

Orvakal Airport- One of the eagerly anticipated airports in India, the Greenfield airport has already been inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh previously, N. Chandrababu Naidu.

This is one of the low-cost airports out of a tally of 50 that were supposed to launch in the year 2013 itself although it has been delayed for several years.

Flight operations are slowly starting here and it will boost business and tourism in Srisailam, Kurnool and Nandyal.

Mopa Airport

Mopa Airport- Keeping the growing tourist volumes in mind, then-Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had proposed an additional international airport at North Goa’s Mopa which would relieve the pressure on the Dabolim Airport. The first phase is expected to be completed soon.

Sabarimala Airport

Sabarimala Airport- Another popular inclusion in the list of upcoming airports in India, the airport venture was proposed in Sabarimala by the KGS Group at Aranmula.

Owing to protests by locals and environmental groups, the State Government of Kerala has now decided to launch its Greenfield airport at Cheruvally Estate in Kanjirappally Taluk. This will ensure smoother connectivity by air for pilgrims visiting the renowned Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple and also those travelling from Central Travancore.

New Vijayawada Airport

New Vijayawada Airport- This airport has been proposed for catering to the needs of travelers in Amaravati capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Sites at Thullur and Mangalagiri are also being considered for the airport project.

Itanagar Airport

Itanagar Airport- Another name on the list of eagerly awaited upcoming airports in India, the Itanagar Airport is yet to get full approval from the Central Government.

The project is being proposed by the State Government of Arunachal Pradesh at Itanagar in Holongi. The master plan has already been readied for the project.

Sriperumbudur Airport

Sriperumbudur Airport- The State Government of Tamil Nadu is holding talks with the Centre for building a second Chennai airport by the year 2035.

Durgapur Airport

Durgapur Airport- Kolkata is another metropolis that requires an additional airport to take care of rising passenger volumes.

The State Government had previously suggested south Bengal’s Durgapur as a potential site for setting up a second airport.

However, this proposal has been turned down by the AAI, since Durgapur is close to 200 kilometers away from Kolkata.

You should check up on their growth from time to time and join Civil Experience for further information now that you are aware of the important upcoming airports in India. The expansion of these airports will go a long way toward improving air connectivity, ensuring that all residents can travel by air, and boosting infrastructure and economic development.

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