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Sample business model canvas pdf Report download link below but I recommended to read some portion for better understand

 Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas is a key plan or first plan of your project for starting something new Business/Project 

In which you can fill your idea and fill the business model canvas template so you can clearly show/imagine your project future ex. see How's your project work or any problem 

Sample business model canvas pdf Report download link below but I recommended to read some portion for better understand 

  • Key partner 

=> key supplier or partner 
=> your main goal or motivation 

  • Key Activity

=> Activity which plays a major role in your project 
=> What activities are important in executing a plan, channel, distribution, etc

  • Key Resources

=> Which Resources are important in the plan to success / fulfill the channel, distribution, revenue, etc 

  • Value Proposition
=> Needs for customers satisfaction

  • Customers  Relationship
=> Factors for build healthy relationship with customers

  • Distribution Channel
=> Which channel customers want?
=> Which channel works best?
=> Cost?
For business model canvas download

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