Write a Brief Note on The Characteristic of Good Timber

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Characteristics of Good Timber

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Characteristic of good timber is described below with all functionality

Detailed Solution for what are the characteristics of timber

Appearance of Timber

Timber should have a shiny and good appearance

Elasticity of Timber

Timber must be elastic enough for the purpose of making of bows, sports items etc. 

Colour of Furniture Wood

Preferably timber should be dark coloured as light coloured timber is generally weak. 

Defects of Timber

Timber must be free from all the defects as far as possible. 

Hardness of Timber Material

Timber must be sufficiently hard to be able to resist the penetration of any other body into it. 

Fire Resistance of Timber

A good timber must be sufficiently fire resistant. In general, dense wood offers more fire resistance than light wood. The conduction of heat through wood depends on its porosity, water content, ambient temperature, bulk density, fibre orientation etc. 

Shape of Wood

Timber should be able to retain its shape during the conversation and seasoning process. It must not wrap or bow during the conversion process. 

Smell of Timber

The sweet smell of timber is always desirable since pungent smell indicates decayed timber 

Durability of Timber/Wood

Timber should be durable enough to resist the attack of fungi, insects, chemicals etc

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A good timber gives a clear ringing sound when struck with another piece of timber. On striking the timber prices, the dull sound indicates decayed timber. 


In order to resist shocks and vibrations, timber must be sufficiently tough. 


It is always desirable that timber should not be too permeable to water as water retention in timber has adverse effects on its strength. 


A heavyweight (i.e. dense) timber is considered to be tougher than lightweight timber. 


Timber must be workable so that it may not clog the saw teeth and should be capable of being made smooth.

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