Top 5 Reasons Why Specifications Are Still Important | Important of Specifications

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Important of Specifications

The specifications are important from the following aspect

  1. Sometimes it is not possible to furnish the information on the drawings, regarding the quality of work to be used in construction and the quality of workmanship to be achieved during a construction project, due to a shortage of space. So that Sometimes specifications provide such useful data in a separate contract document.
  2. The drawing and specifications form two important contract documents. In case of difference between the drawing and specifications, the provision of the specifications are giving the more legal strength and shall govern.
  3. The rates of various items depend on the specifications. If the specifications are rigid and demand superior quality, the rate of the item will increase and vice versa.
  4. Specifications are necessary during supervising the construction project work.
  5. The specifications of items required by the contractor to fill the rate of the various items in the tender documents.
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