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Top 10 Basic Rules For Design of Column

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Today in this civil experience – Best civil engineering blog article we share quick civil engineering study notes, also consider as Civil Engineering important tips for civil engineers.

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10 Basic Rules For Design of Column

10 Basic Rules For Design of Column Civil Experience
10 Basic Rules For Design of Column by Civil Experience
  1. Minimum size of column 225 mm * 225 mm (9″ * 9″).
  2. Choose a square column, if the load acts at the axis of the column.
  3. Choose the Rectangular column, if the load acts at the eccentric axis of the column.
  4. Lapping length for column is 48d.
  5. Minimum 4 numbers of longitudinal bars are required for square & rectangular columns and a minimum 6 numbers of reinforcement bars are required for circular column design during construction work projects.
  6. Minimum dia of the longitudinal bar is 12 mm and the minimum dia of a lateral tie is 8mm.
  7. Longitudinal bars should be duck legs to link with the foundation.
  8. The minimum area of reinforcement percentage is 0.08% and the maximum is 6% of column cross-section.
  9. M20 grade concrete & Fe-500 steel used for column.
  10. Spacing between ties not greater than 100 mm for zone A and not greater than 150 mm for zone B.

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