Strength of Materials MCQ | Civil Engineering MCQ

Strength of Materials MCQ

Civil engineering MCQ and strength of materials MCQ for competitive exam

A member with a cross-section of A and length L is subjected to a force of P. If Young’s Modulus is E, then the linear strain will be


Deflection of a

ANSWER = [D] All the above

calcite is a significant constituent of sedimentary rock.

If a rectangular beam measuring 10 × 18 × 400 cm carries a uniformly distributed load such that the bending stress developed is 100 kg/cm2. The intensity of the load per meter length, is

ANSWER = [D] 250 kg

If the Poisson’s ratio of a material is 0.25, the ratio of Modulus of Rigidity to Young’s Modulus will be

ANSWER = [B] 0.4

Sandy porous media has a high specific yield

Bulk Modulus (K), Young’s Modulus (E) and Poisson’s Ratio (m) are related by

ANSWER= [D] E = 3K(1 – 2m)

On a ladder resting on smooth ground and leaning against a vertical wall, the force of friction will be

ANSWER= [B] Upwards at its upper end

A plate 100 mm wide, 10 mm thick is having a hole of diameter of 10 mm symmetrical about the axis of the plate. The plate is subjected to a force of 9 kN. The maximum stress on a section passing through center of the hole will be

ANSWER = [B] > 10 N/mm2

An isotropic material is the one which

ANSWER= [C] has the elastic constants, identical in all the direction

From a circular plate of diameter 6 cm is cut out a circle whose diameter is a radius of the plate. Find the e.g. of the remainder from the center of circular plate

ANSWER= [B] 0.5 cm

The canal falls are needed in the canal network for Designed slope is smaller than available ground slope

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