Staad Pro Software Steps for Analysis & Design of any Structure | How to Use Staad Pro Civil Engineering Software

How to use staad pro software: Staad Pro Software is an integrated suite of tools for structural analysis and design developed by URS Corporation. It provides engineers with powerful and intuitive graphical interfaces for analyzing and designing structures. But Didn’t know how to use Bentley staad pro then here is a quick guide for you by The Civil Experiences.

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BASIC STEPS OF Staad Pro Software

Structural analysis and design are important points of view in civil engineering.

3D analysis of any kind of structure is not possible by manual calculation means while some structural design software like STAADPRO, ETAB, Midas gen, SAP2000 etc have made this process simple and quick process with more accurate results in Bentley staad pro.

Staad Pro Software | Bentley Staad Pro | Staad Pro Software Steps For Analysis &Amp; Design Of Any Structure
Staad Pro Software Steps for Analysis & Design of any Structure

Steps to follow for analysis and design of any structure in Staad Pro

  1. Creating a project file with the suitable filename
  2. Fixing the units
  3. Generate GEOMETRY as per input dimensions by JOINT COORDINATES and MEMBER INCIDENCE command
  4. Apply ALL CHECKS from the tools command
  5. Apply RENUMBERING command
  6. Apply REDEFINE INCIDENCE command
  7. Specify RELEASES
  8. Assign SUPPORTS
  9. Assign MEMBER PROPERTY as per codal provision and self-judgement of experience
  11. EZ CHECKS. (Apply load in different directions in different cases to understand load path etc.)
  12. Assign LOADING to floors and other structural components
  14. Run ANALYSIS after defining Perform Analysis Command
  15. Check for ERRORS, NOTES & WARNINGS
  16. Define LOAD LIST for design
  17. Assign DESIGN PARAMETERS also Define design code i.e., IS 456 or IS 13920
  18. Provide CHECK CODE command or DESIGN command
  19. TRIAL & ERROR for section sizes
  20. Define TAKE OFF command
  21. FINISH

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