Geology + Hydrology MCQs Test Series Part 4 | Best Civil Engineering MCQ

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Geology + Hydrology MCQs Test Series Part 4

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What is the height of the fluid ralse (h), when the capillary with the diameter (d) is dipped in the fluid having a density (ρ) and surface tention (σ)?

ANSWER= [A] h = 4σcosθ/ρgd

The pressure intensity at a point in a fluid is given 3.925 N/cm2. Find the corresponding height of the fluid when the fluid has specific gravity 1.

ANSWER = [C] 4m

Velocity potential function exist only when

ANSWER = [C] flow is irritational

Three pipes of lengths 800m, 600m and 400m and of diameter 500 mm, 400 mm, and 300mm respectively are connected in series. These pipes are to be replaced by a single pipe of length. Find the diameter of the single pipe.

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ANSWER= [B] 371.8 mm

The shear strength of plastic undrained clay depends upon

ANSWER = [B] Cohesion

The method of slices for the stability slope

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ANSWER = [D] All the above

According to FAA guidekines the runway length is to be increased at a rate of 20% for

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ANSWER = [A] One present of effective gradient

The best direction of runway is

ANSWER = [A] Along the direction of the longest line on the windrose diagram

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