Consider the following statements related to water logging control | Which of the above statements are correct?

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Consider the following statements related to water logging control:

  1. It is evident that waterlogging can be controlled only if the quantity of water into the soil below is checked and reduced.
  2. Attempts should be made to reduce the seepage of water from the canals and water courses.
  3. The entire irrigable land should receive canal water in all seasons.

Which of the above statements are correct?

ANSWER= [A] 1 and 2 only

To control waterlogging

  • The quantity of water into the soil below is checked and reduced
  • In such areas, seepage from canals should be minimum, hence these are generally lined canals.
  • In such areas, only a small portion of irrigable land should be irrigated in one season and the remaining portion may be irrigated in the next seasons, by rotation.
  • Hence the correct answer is an option (a)

Waterlogging Definition

Waterlogging is the natural flooding and over-irrigation that brings water at underground levels to the surface.

As a consequence, displacement of the air occurs in the soil with corresponding changes in soil processes and an accumulation of toxic substances that impede plant growth.

What is Waterlogging

Waterlogging is a type of natural flooding when underground water rises to surface level as the result of over-irrigation.

Waterlogging can displace the spoil, affect the natural processes in the soil, and result in a build-up of toxic substances in the soil, which can impede plant growth in the immediate area.

Explain Waterlogging Meaning

Over-irrigation that causes waterlogging in an area alters that area’s hydrological conditions and affects both the social and natural conditions in river basins and areas downstream from the source.

This results in increased evaporation of water in the area and, thus, increased rainfall or rainfall in different areas as the water cycle has been altered.

The study of irrigation is important when precipitation and the environment in the immediate area are concerned.

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